Salt Lake City is known, of course, as the home base of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons).  It has the reputation of being very … boring.  But I’m here to tell you that there is more to Salt Lake City itself than the Mormons.

There is life in downtown Salt Lake City.  There is a cosmopolitan feel to it.  Salt Lake City proper is actually a quite liberal place when you get to know it.

With former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. (yes, the former Republican presidential candidate, and a Mormon himself) running the state a while back, more antiquated state laws were done away with that actually made it easier for people from Utah and those visiting from outside to enjoy the night life that the city has to offer.  I think downtown SLC business owners downtown are loving it.  It’s infused even more vitality into that area.

One thing that helps to make Salt Lake City more liberal — and helps you to discover just how liberal the place can be — is the alternative weekly newspaper Salt Lake City Weekly.  It’s a very frequent read for me, and it’s FREE if you know where to pick it up.

SLC Weekly recently came out with its City Weekly Music Awards.  And today’s music playlist from “A View” features some of the rockin’, hip-hoppin’, head-bangin’, folked-up flavor of Salt Lake City (and the more conservative town of Provo, Utah, for that matter) by featuring some of those award winners — at least some of the stuff I could find on YouTube.  As a lead-in to that, click on the link below for the complete story on City Weekly’s Music Award winners:

2012 City Weekly Music Award winners


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