Yet another musical piece of my childhood is gone.  Ronnie Montrose died Saturday at age 64 of complications from prostate cancer.

Ronnie Montrose (Photo courtesy Associated Press)

My goodness, when I go through the list of credits for Montrose, I am simply blown away.  He played with so many musicians I loved as a child all the way through to today and beyond

Herbie Hancock.  Van Morrison.  Boz Scaggs.  Edgar Winter.  His solo group Montrose with a very young Sammy Hagar pre-Van Halen and Hagar’s own solo greatness.  Jazz drumming great Tony Williams.  Ssssooooo many big names, ssssooooo many greats.

Click on the links below for a biography and much more information from, as well as a report on Montrose’s death from the San Francisco Chronicle, followed by a special video playlist of a genuine guitar hero dating back to my childhood.  Ronnie will be greatly missed, by so many.

Ronnie Montrose at — Biography, discography, songs, credits, charts and awards

Report on Ronnie Montrose’s death from The San Francisco Chronicle

Rest in peace, Ronnie!

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4 thoughts on “My SPECIAL Ronnie Montrose music playlist

  1. Good job John!! RM was a monster player and a huge influence on my own meagre attempts to play the guitar. I was always fondest of the Gamma material, but what a stellar career he had. RIP indeed.

    Btw, loving the blog – keep up the good work!!

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