We had our first big snowfall of the winter season in the Salt Lake Valley late Thursday night and into Friday morning.  It dumped several inches of heavy, wet snow in the upper benches, where we live on the west side below the Oquirrh (sounds like “oaker”) Mountains.  Combined with some strong winds that caused some drifting, it was a powerful storm.

Well, our offspring haven’t really been able to have much fun with what little snow we’ve had this season, until later Saturday afternoon.  My 18-year-old son Grant — the comic of the family, the one who makes darn near everyone laugh at some point one way or another, and the big NBA fan (make that NBA FANATIC) — took advantage of all that snow in our front yard.  He built a snowman.

He made it with tender, loving care.  It was definitely NOT your typical snowman.

Grant made it at least 7’4″ tall.  He carved out the legs.  He carved out the waistline.  He poked a hole for a belly button.  He carved out the abdominal muscles, gave it a nice “six-pack.”  He gave it some good-looking pectoral muscles, a very manly chest.  He gave it buff arms just off the shoulders (the remainder of the arms were cut-up tree branches).  He gave it well-defined trapezius muscles.  He gave it a thin neck, and a head topped off with a Chicago Bulls cap.

This was no fat snowman.  This was a 7’4″ at least snowman, maybe as high as 7’7″.  To put this into some perspective, Grant is at least 6’2″, maybe 6’3″ in his Nikes.  He could play point guard or shooting guard on a basketball team.

Standing next to his “creation,” Grant was dwarfed.  He looked like a skinnier Darren Williams (former Utah Jazz point guard) up next to a taller BUT JUST-AS-BUFF Kris Humphries (former Utah Jazz power forward, former husband to mega-celebrity-for-whatever-reason Kim Kardashian).

Oh, I asked Grant to give his snowman a name.  He named it Kris … as in Humphries.  Grant’s 13-year-old sister Alicia happened to be working on her own “snow woman” next to Kris.  We’ll call her “snow woman” Kim …  as in Kardashian.

And, just like this real-life marriage between Kris and Kim, after too much “heat” started hitting the newlyweds, this marriage too was … “dissolved.”  And you’ll see that “violent ceremony” at the end in a video recorded by 20-year-old son Curtis on his trusty iPod.

First, here are the photos (all taken by me).

And now, video of “the marriage” of Kris and Kim being “dissolved” on Sunday afternoon (video shot by son Curtis on his iPod with special “finger effect”).  AND I DO SO MISS DRIVING MY SPECIAL 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION 1996 TOYOTA CELICA GT RAGTOP THAT’S BROKEN DOWN!!!  WWWHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!


Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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