I was on the phone quite a bit with my old friend and popular Bay Area bass player Baron Chase Monday afternoon into Monday evening, talking over some business.  Oddly enough, we got to talking about different directions he’s gone in his many years of playing music to help support himself when he’s not working a full-time job fixing pools in California.

Merle Haggard

We recalled our old days together in and around Pocatello, Idaho, when he played country music in honky-tonk joints.  He talked about some of the country artists he’s always favored.  For someone who’s always been into “progessive” music, whether it’s rock or jazz-fusion, he threw a curveball at me Monday night by listing the country artists he’s really come to appreciate through the years.  He mentioned Merle Haggard.

Baron was talking my language then.  Merle Haggard’s tuneage was the kind of music I was raised on when I wasn’t listening to my rock and soul as a youth.  I too have a deep appreciation for the gut-busting country that comes from the likes of Merle.

Just so you’ll know, it ain’t all about the exotic stuff with me either.  Sometimes a dude just needs to kick up his boots and do some honky-tonkin’!

And it’s hard to beat ol’ Merle.


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