My seventh-grade daughter Alicia was so excited one day last week after I picked her up from school and we spent some time driving home.  That’s always a good time for her and me to talk, to bond, to share thoughts and emotions and a few laughs together.  There’s some nice “silly time” in there with my girl.

“You know what I thought of today at school, Dad?” she asked.  “What if we had so much money that we could buy a gas station, and we charged so much less than other gas stations that everyone who needed gas would just come to us, and all the other gas stations had to drop their prices?  Wouldn’t that be so cool?”

Yes, I assured her, it definitely would be cool.  In fact, I added as I shook her hand as a form of congratulations on using her brilliant mind, that was a simply beautiful idea.

“Are you talking about a convenience store, where you buy a bunch of other stuff besides gas?” I asked her.


“Well, we’d probably get so many people coming to us to buy gas that we’d have to have a big truck come every day or so to bring us more gas and fill up our tanks.  How much would you charge for gas?”

“Oh, about $1.50.”

“Yeah, we’d definitely need to have a big truck come in and bring us more fuel every day then, because everyone would be coming to us!  That’d be sweet!  Great idea!”

I hated to tell her how much we’d be charged for those big fuel trucks to come in and resupply us, and that we’d end up losing tons of money on that deal just on gasoline alone, and that we’d have to make up for that by charging whopping amounts for other items in the store.

I didn’t want to discourage her.  Her heart was definitely in the right place.

It was a timely idea, though.  I loved it!  I wonder if our national lawmakers could help with that?

Click on the link below to see what’s being talked about now.

As gas prices soar, 70 lawmakers push for curbs on speculation

But, oh, what a wonderful world it would be if my girl’s idea could become reality!

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