Ya know what, my mind’s tired right now.  I don’t want to do a whole lot of digging and research on bands or musicians and their discography and all that stuff.  I need a mental rest for the remains of the day.

“Daddysangbassdude Radio!!!”  Would you please give me a playlist?  Which channel?  Oh, let’s see, let’s go with my “Brand X Channel” for now.  Yeah, I’m in the mood for some good jazz-fusion.

Phil Collins playing drums more and singing less?  Not a bad idea!  Other drummers filling his chair and pounding the snot out of the skins?  Perfect!  Percy Jones tearing it up on bass as only he can?  Yeah, I’m all over that!  Robin Lumley, Peter Robinson, etc., on keys?  Great!  John Goodsall riffing like a madman on guitar?  Good times!  Morris Pert doing his percussionistic banging on the Q.E. 2, Idi Amin, and undiscovered parts of Scotland?  It wouldn’t quite be the complete Brand X without Morris!  Oh, this is just FFFUUUUUUNNNN and sometimes FFFUUUUUUNNNNKY stuff!

I need a SMALL break.  Whew!


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