Ya know what, my mind’s still tired right now.  I still don’t want to do a whole lot of digging and research on bands or musicians and their discography and all that stuff.  I still need a mental rest for the remains of the day.

“Daddysangbassdude Radio!!!”  Would you please give me a playlist … again?  Which channel?  Oh, let’s see, let’s go with my “Genesis Channel” for now.  Yeah, I’m in the mood for some good, pioneering progressive rock.  And not so much of that “pop music” Genesis that sold out arenas and stadiums and such, and had a good run in Top 40 radio.  Give me the older Genesis, the music that started the ball rolling for them.

Phil Collins playing drums at his best more often and singing … well, not quite as much at all?  Not a bad idea!  Peter Gabriel writing those songs and singing lead and wearing those weird costumes that must have made people wonder at times if the man was insane instead of “artistic” and playing a gorgeous flute?  Perfect!  Steve Hackett playing a fluid, textbook guitar?  Excellent!  Tony Banks on keys giving luscious textures and note-perfect touches?  Oh, yeah.  Mike Rutherford nailing it on bass guitar?  Solid!

I need a SMALL break.  Whew!


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