Ya know what, my mind’s still tired right now.  I still don’t want to do a whole lot of digging and research on bands or musicians and their discography and all that stuff.  I still need a mental rest for the remains of the day.  For that matter, as wild as this whole week has been, I need something that makes me want to pull out my Fender “air guitar” and just play like a wild man, kickin’ tail and takin’ names later.

“Daddysangbassdude Radio!!!”  Would you please give me a playlist … again?  Which channel?  Oh, let’s see, let’s go with my “Stevie Ray Vaughan Channel” for now.  Yeah, I’m in the mood for some good old rock and rhythm & blues.  I’m ready for those cowboy boots and that snazzy hat and that guitar with the big “SRV” on it that looks like it was run over on a dirt road a few times by a big Mack dump truck that was fully loaded, and for SRV to play it like no one had since the days of Hendrix.

I’m ready to shed a tear at the loss.

I’m ready for some Double Trouble, one of the best backing bands a guitar slinger like SRV could ever ask for, with the likes of Chris “Whipper” Layton on drums, Tommy Shannon on bass, and Reese Wynans on keys.  I am ready to BOOGIE ON DOWN TO TEXAS, SRV-STYLE!!!

I need a SMALL break.  Whew!


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