The thing about doing a daily blog — and doing it faithfully on a daily basis — is that in one way or another I give a glimpse into my moods, and I show how I make it through even the lowest moods.

This weekend was going so smoothly, so nicely … until all of a sudden, all hell seemed to break loose and a dream of a weekend turned into a nightmare, for deeply personal reasons.  You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  Well, that was the case for me late Saturday night.  It hit with a proverbial burst of lightning and didn’t ease up for way too many hours to bear, it seemed at times.  And when it started to “rain,” it drenched me to the bone on a couple of different fronts.

Yeah, that deep.

But I found some “inspiration” to help pull me through on Sunday afternoon.  I did what I love to do when a sense of pain and anger begins to overwhelm me and I need to “chill out.”  I decided to take a lone drive up through Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountain range that dominates the Salt Lake Valley skyline, with my good camera equipment in hand, winding my way through the canyon with my eyes peeled for some decent shots that show the real beauty of this area as I went through the neighboring Solitude and Brighton ski resort areas.

The “solitude” part seemed to fit my needs so well.  My lovely wife wanted to come along, and I normally would have been ecstatic to have her along with me.  But this was one trip I needed to make alone and she was very understanding (bless her heart), with my music playing loudly along the way.

This was the true “solitude” that I needed, at a high elevation.  I needed to, in my own way, fly like an eagle.  This is what I found, in the exact order I found it.  As usual, I’ll even provide a soundtrack.

(All still photos below Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media — ANY UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION OR REPRODUCTION IS PROHIBITED)


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