I was lucky enough to grab a couple of albums when they came out from 1983-85 that are pretty hard to come by today — or at least one of them is out of print now.  The albums were “Music For Piano and Drums” (sadly under-represented here in video due to lack of videos posted) and “Flags.”  The artists were British rock and jazz drummer Bill Bruford and Swiss keyboardist Patrick Moraz.

“Music For Piano and Drums” was just that … straight piano and drums, with some super-sweet music contained within.  “Flags” was more electronic, and just as good as the duo’s first effort.

Both musicians had some glorious moments in the progressive rock group Yes, although they never played together in the studio with that group.  When they did get together on these two albums, it was magical.  They both had a touch and a chemistry that was like pure cane sugar.

A LATE NOTE:  Just now, after posting this, I was informed that not only are these albums not out of print, but an additional live CD was released.  Fantastic news to me!  http://billbruford.co.uk/


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