Today’s playlist, and maybe a couple more in the days to come, is coming to you from an old “mix tape” I pulled out and plugged in to my rusty old, beaten up pickup truck’s cassette player on Monday afternoon as I was driving around.

The truck may uphold a certain “cowboy” look and feel, but the music played within it yesterday certainly didn’t — unless you consider the sounds coming from a clear violin as being “fiddlin’ music,” but I’ll let you be the judge on that in just a bit.

The tape was labeled years ago by me as “Polyrhythms,” and I hadn’t listened to it in quite a while.  But as soon as I heard the first song on the B side, called “Green Face,” I knew exactly what I’d have for my playlist today.  “Green Face” led off a bunch of tunes from another rare and hard-to-find progressive rock album, Eddie Jobson’s “Zinc” from 1983.

More information on Eddie Jobson’s “Zinc” from

I’ll repeat some of the same views from with my own here.  Does it sound like it’s ’80s dated?  Yep.  Does Eddie Jobson lack a bit in the vocal category?  Yep.  But if you toss all that aside and listen to what he does on keyboards and electric violin, you see exactly why Eddie was such a hot name when artists like Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, and Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull looked for a knockout player and came calling in Eddie’s direction, and why Jobson was such a key player in the progressive rock supergroup U.K.

On this album, he even had a tune (“Turn It Over”) that made it on to nationally broadcast music video shows!  Man, oh man, did that video ever shout out “’80s music!”

As you’ll see below in the second video, it contained songs that prompted drummers everywhere to take on some of the more difficult drum parts.  The ones with the more challenging, “polyrhythmic” flair.

Jobson just plain “smokes!”  When he appears at a trade show to show off a new keyboard setup, he draws a crowd to this day … as you’ll see in the final video.


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