Did Donald Trump ever produce anything as far as evidence on his major quest to dig up “the truth” about President Barack Obama being born in Kenya or Greenland or Slovenia or a little bit south of Saskatoon or wherever the crap it was that he was supposed to hail from?

I mean, didn’t “The Donald” hire a whole team of investigators to head over to Hawaii last year to dig up whatever dirt was burying “Barry’s” alleged pack of lies about his real birthplace?  Or did the Trumpmeister end up telling them all, “You’re fired?”

Enquirer minds want to know!

Well, if Donald hasn’t come up with any proof on the truth yet to blow away the President’s actual physical proof, I’m sure U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Florida) has something up his sleeve he’s just dying to pull out.  Any day now, right Rep. Stearns?!

Someone pass the circus peanuts, please, while you click on the link below for the “full Stearns scoop.”

HUFFINGTON POST:  Cliff Stearns Stars in Today’s Edition of Birther-Pandering Theater

Republicans today are just SO FUNNY!


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