I’m not one to celebrate a person’s hard times.  Hard times are hard times, they’re painful, no matter what political stripe you wear.  Unless, of course, your name is Rush Limbaugh and you still have millions of dollars stashed away in some overseas bank account along with the millions you’ve got tucked away in regular U.S. banks and the stock market.

The "coolness" that is the "sexiest man in America" to all ladies, complete with leather jacket and that "bedroom look" in his eyes, I give you ... Rush Limbaugh!

In the case of Limbaugh, I don’t sympathize whatsoever with the fact that he’s lost over 140 advertisers, whether it’s from consumer boycott threats or advertisers just deciding they’re tired of his lame schtick.  That, ladies and gentlemen, IS the free market talking, loudly and clearly.  I don’t just celebrate the rough times that the pompous dude’s run into lately.  I dance, I sing, I pump my fists like Kirk Gibson did as he hobbled around the bases after he hit that World Series game-winning homer for the Los Angeles Dodgers way back when.  I truly do, because it is a victory for common sense and decency and civility.

For me, Limbaugh’s troubles are providing a full sense of satisfaction while I sit and wonder why in the world it took so long for anyone personally attacked by Limbaugh to rise up against the poster child for all that is wrong with political discourse in the nation today the way that Susan Fluke has had the courage to do recently.

To be honest, I could see the train wreck that is Rush Limbaugh and all the train wrecks that would follow him long, long ago — to pinpoint it exactly, it would have been immediately after Bill Clinton was sworn in as President in 1993 and one of the local television stations in southeast Idaho, one of the conservative hot spots in all of America, saw fit to air Rush’s syndicated TV show after the late local news.

Oh, Rush’s late night show was a real gem of high-quality “infotainment.”  He tackled such hard-hitting issues as how “ugly” Chelsea Clinton was during her awkward teenage years, poked fun at her personal appearance for millions of viewers to see.  It was like watching a horror show, but to Rush and his fans it was “comedy.”  I doubt that Chelsea Clinton saw it as being “funny.”

It was kind of like this, in the next several videos.  AND THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT?  According to Roger Ailes and his focus on ratings at any cost, it was.  And when Rush Limbaugh says in this next video that he has no problem with people who disagree, you’ll see later in this post that he’s a liar.  No more, no less, Rush is a gutless, cowardly liar.

Rush Limbaugh is God’s gift to women himself, right?  No, never mind, you don’t need to answer that.

Rush has never let up since these days.  He’s seen it as his sworn, God-ordained duty to bad-mouth every race, every creed, every person of religion if they happen to have even a hint of a liberal thought, every person of any national origin that he hasn’t agreed with.  And he’s been free to do that since the late 1980s but especially since the early 1990s, getting his start from good ol’ Roger Ailes of Fox News fame and fortune due to high ratings that are artificially inflated.

That’s a long time to rile up the populace of a nation, and to be given absolute freedom to do it thanks to Clear Channel Communications, Premier Networks, Excellence In Broadcasting Network, or whatever Koch Brothers banner Rush happens to be working under on any particular day.  It’s all based on that wonderful American standard that I believe in so strongly myself:  freedom of speech.

That’s something I’d fight to the death over myself, even if I happened to disagree with you.  If you say anything I disagree with, and you do it civilly, I will say you have every right to speak your mind but I respectfully disagree.  If you say anything I disagree with, and you do it the way Rush Limbaugh does it, I will throw that same level of disrespect and dripping sarcasm back at you — much the same way that Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, etc., ad nauseum, do themselves.  And they’re rich beyond their wildest dreams as a result of spewing that pure venom.

And if you’re conservative and you come at me in the way that a Limbaugh or Beck would, and I respond in kind, you wouldn’t like it.  Just like no one on the receiving end of those radio jackals likes it when it’s directed toward them.

But that’s the way of the talk radio world these days, dominated by conservative jackals.

And conservatives say the media is liberally biased?  HHHHHAAAAA!!!

I posted something about Rush losing all these dozens of advertisers in a short time span over on Facebook in recent days, and a friend responded to me that I should write a book about people like Limbaugh and Beck and Savage and Ingraham and O’Reilly and Ann Coulter, and on and on.

As a matter of fact, I started writing a book just like that last year, well before I even lost my last full-time job in late October.  I’m about halfway through writing it now, to go along with another book, a memoir, that’s long been completed by me and has been rejected by a few dozen publishing agents.

The book I’ve been working on more recently is called “The $64 Million Question,” with the main title inspired by the 1950s television game show “The $64,000 Question.”  It comes with the sub-title, “Can I Become Filthy, Stinking Rich By Saying Any Kind Of Stupid, Ridiculous Thing That Pops Into My Head?”  And I would probably struggle to sell it to an agent, because lately it seems that all the publishing houses are into is books about vampires and fun things like that.  But it has “best-selling authors” like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Ingraham, Beck, etc., and their shenanigans in mind for sure.

I’m serious.

But here’s the saddest part out of all of this, and I’m not making this up at all.  In January 2011, days after a crazed Arizona gunman shot a group of people, killing six and wounding 14 — including Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — Limbaugh said something particularly outrageous, along the lines of his latest flap over Susan Fluke and Rush’s pornographic fantasies that were awakened by her in asking any female getting financial assistance with their contraceptive devices to post videos on the internet of themselves having sex.  And I filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, asking them where they draw the line with unleashed, bogus, ratings-hungry  yappers like Limbaugh, after Limbaugh made the statement.

What Limbaugh said early last year is reported in the link below.

CBS NEWS:  Rush Limbaugh — Jared Lee Loughner has the “full support” of Democrats

The sad part came in the FCC’s response to my complaint in a letter dated February 9, 2011.

I’m sharing what was in the FCC’s letter to me, which was also going to be shared in my book, “The $64 Million Question.”

“The Communications Act and First Amendment to the Constitution prohibit any action by the FCC that would interfere with free speech in broad-casting (sic).

“The FCC cannot interfere with a broadcaster’s selection and presentation of material for the news and/or its commentary.

“The First Amendment and the Communications Act bar the FCC from telling station licensees how to select material for news programs, or prohibiting the broadcast of an opinion on any subject.  We also do not review anyone’s qualifications to gather, edit, announce, or comment on the news, these decisions are the station licensee’s responsibility.

“All concerns and/or comments about a specific news broadcast or commentary should be directed, in writing, to the local station and network involved.”

And that’s happening now in the Susan Fluke case.  And advertisers are pulling out in droves, not just from Limbaugh’s show but all the other wild yappers’ shows like his.  Rush Limbaugh has not only shot himself in the foot.  He’s shot Beck, Savage, etc., along with himself.

Karma’s a bitch.

“The FCC is barred … from trying to prevent the broadcast of any point of view, no matter how unpopular or distasteful that point of view may be to most people.  Consumers often complain that certain broadcasts are ‘un-American,’ too violent, or ridicule or demean certain groups because of their race, gender, religion, or nationality.  Such views that do not rise to the level of a ‘clear and present danger of serious substantive evil’ are protected by the First Amendment.  Expressions that are obscene, however, are not protected.”

Well, Limbaugh’s comments on Fluke were a bit obscene, weren’t they?  And I don’t see the FCC “rushing to shut Rush up.”

By the way, I will repeat and I have repeated the following statement over and over again to conservatives before they keep insisting that I’m trying to shut them up:  I’m old-school journalism, going back to the days when there was such a thing called the Fairness Doctrine before Roger Ailes talked Ronald Reagan into doing away with it, when people were free to say Rush Limbaugh is a fat, Oxycontin-popping, spoiled rich judge’s brat son who’s destroying the fiber of this nation every time he lights up one of those fat cigars and blows smart-alecky smoke in people’s faces before turning around and covering his butt by saying he was just joking, he was just “tweaking the media.”  And I will defend to the death conservatives’ right to respond with a differing viewpoint AT THE SAME TIME AS A SIMPLE ACT OF FAIRNESS AND DECENCY!  I would just most like to ask that, if the FCC can’t police the nonsense that we throw at each other under the symbolism that is freedom of speech, we at least be able to police ourselves by showing a sense of civility.

For too many conservatives, that’s just too much to ask.

Before conservatives gripe and whine and moan about how liberals are trying to shut them up, as in the case of Limbaugh and advertisers pulling out, allow me to give a “greatest hits collection” of conservative yappers ACTUALLY SHUTTING PEOPLE UP OR WALKING OUT THEMSELVES ON THE AIR!  And I’ll start with my favorites, Glenn Beck in some of his “screaming girliest” moods.

ENJOY THE SHUTDOWNS!!!  Like Beck says, it’s all in the name of “comedy.”

Now, who’s really shutting up whom?  Is that where the “big money” is these days?  Well, in the world of post-Rush sexual fantasies, apparently not so much any more.  It would appear that the “money tide” in talk radio these days just might actually be turning.  Oh, but don’t worry, conservative talk fans.  As long as there are brothers named Koch, they’ll still have an income.  The shows will go on, one way or another.

And now I’ll do something the band Rush has expressly forbidden Rush Limbaugh to do just recently … play some Rush songs.  Sweet justice!

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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