I would personally like to thank a lady named Megan at Caribbean Cruise Line (click on the link here to go to their web page) for giving me my topic for my blog post at 5:36 p.m. on Wednesday.

I got a call on my cell phone at that time from the phone number 253-382-9076.  I usually don’t pick up my phone if it’s a number I don’t recognize or that’s not in my contact list and already programmed in, if it’s important I let the caller leave a voice mail.  But this was one call I just had the feeling I should take.

A male recorded voice came on the line and informed me that this was a political survey, a brief one, and that when the survey was over I would be connected with a live person to receive a free cruise vacation for two to the Bahamas.  I decided to play along, all the way, and to ask the live person a few questions of my own.

There were three brief questions that had to do with what would get the economy going, what political party I supported, and whether I felt Barack Obama was doing a good job.  I was given an option to stay on the line and talk to a live person about my free cruise for two to the Bahamas.

That led me — after waiting on the line and eating up my cell phone time for maybe another 8 minutes of recorded cruise-selling pitches — to Megan.

My first question to her was who she represented.  Her answer:

Caribbean Cruise Line

I asked what, if any, political organization her cruise line was associated with.  My instinct was correct — it was a conservative organization, found at the link below.

Political Opinions of America

If you happened to click on that link above, you’ll see just how conservative it is.  Go ahead, if you haven’t clicked on it yet, “just do it.”  It’s all right there on their home page.

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since this article originally posted, it has been brought to my attention that the website’s content has changed drastically.  Please see my remarks to a reader in the Comments section below to see the original content that I saw last night.  Also, see the latest on this by clicking on the link for “Following up on ‘Quite the interesting telemarketing call.’“)

Yes, indeed, Caribbean Cruise Line is offering a free cruise to the Bahamas for my time in taking the survey, asking three simple questions, and reimbursing me for my used cell phone minutes.  I would also like to add that my cell phone is registered on the “Do Not Call” list and that a violation of that request not to be called by any telemarketers may have occurred.  The offending number is listed above in the second paragraph.

After giving Megan my email address in order to get my free cruise for two to the Bahamas from Caribbean Cruise Line, I let her know that I have a blog, I let her know that it goes out to a fair number of people worldwide, and that I would fully expect to get that free cruise or else her company may get some unwanted publicity if I don’t get what was promised.

I love messing with telemarketers.  Especially when they’re tied to a very biased political survey.

I’ll let you know if, as opposed to what Megan assured me, this was nothing but a scam.  I’m still waiting for that email with all I need to know on that free cruise.  THE PRESSURE IS NOW ON!!!

If I get to go on a free cruise with my lovely wife, I just might enjoy introducing her to a few virgin pina coladas or some other refreshing virgin drinks … courtesy of Caribbean Cruise Line and Political Opinions of America.  It’s the least they can do for the belly ache they gave me as a result of that unsolicited phone call.

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34 thoughts on “Quite the interesting telemarketing call

  1. I received a call this evening and just to mess with the lady, listened to her shtick. I even went so far as to ask her to repeat herself several times just to burn some more time. Finally I confessed that I was intentionally wasting her time and that they should put me on their “Do Not Call” list. Unless of course they wanted me to waste some more of their time.

    I googled the organization and found your blog. I think you are wrong when you say ” it was a conservative organization”. I don’t see anything particular conservative or liberal. Here is a sample of their news links:

    Obama’s Job Approval Rating Reaches 49% Over Weekend
    Editor-in-Chief Insights: More Americans Satisfied With the Direction of the U.S.
    Obama Approval Above 50% in 10 States and D.C. in 2011

    I think it is all a front, to scam cruises. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Oh, I love it! Good job! One time, years ago, before I got on the “Do Not Call” list for the first time, I got a call from someone offering me a vacation at some time-share condo place in a mountain resort area or some such thing. I played along, and when they asked for “Mr. or Mrs. Miller,” using my normal (very low) voice, I replied, “This is Mrs. Miller.” The telemarketer hesitated a second but then proceeded. The caller asked me at one point during the long pitch, “Have you ever been to our resort?” I said, in my low voice, “Oh, yes! My husband and I go there all the time. In fact, that’s where my husband and I conceived our first child,” and went on a bit of a roll with it for a little while. I think the caller finally said, “Oooooookay, sure!” And they hung up.

      The funnest part of it all was the fact that my wife was sitting in the room with me the whole time the call went on, not knowing who I was talking to. You should have seen the look she was giving me! 😀

      I’ll have to try and think up some other fun stuff I’ve done with telemarketers. It’s usually just stuff off the top of my head. Just sitting there and saying nothing at all works too. Gets them good and frustrated.

      Yeah, they have a job to do. But I also have a life to live, and I don’t ask for a sales call at home.

      I just love a good “telemarketer tweaking” story! Thanks!

    2. Just now also saw this comment from you:
      “I think you are wrong when you say ” it was a conservative organization”. I don’t see anything particular conservative or liberal. Here is a sample of their news links:

      Obama’s Job Approval Rating Reaches 49% Over Weekend
      Editor-in-Chief Insights: More Americans Satisfied With the Direction of the U.S.
      Obama Approval Above 50% in 10 States and D.C. in 2011”

      I just went in and looked at it again, and it was just as you say. They have dramatically changed that website since I saw it just last night. Last night, they actually listed their political stand on a number of issues, such as …

      * They are for the repeal of “ObamaCare.”
      * They will “fight to defeat anyone who supports class warfare (to interpret, conservative-speak for any effort to bring tax levels on the highest-income Americans back to Clinton-era rates).
      * They are opposed to “placing an unfair extra tax burden on a select group of Americans (the richest 1%).
      * Reforming Social Security and encouraging Americans to just support themselves through their own means.

      Stuff like that. Yes, they have changed their website dramatically overnight. Interesting.

  2. When you look at the composition of the “3” questions you can clearly see the bias. In fact they ought to just stop at question 1 if you choose “flat tax” since it is clear you are a commie liberal for even thinking of such evil things. Today. Monday 19 March, 2012 even the telemarketers have different instructions as when I asked who was behind this they just pointed me to their website and professed to know nothing else. Oh, and go on a cruise? On a ship that might run aground? Give me some sort of pandemic sickness? Dump their bilge into the ocean? Waste dwindling peak oil? No thanks, I’m reducing my carbon footprint….

    1. Yeah, those questions alone gave me a very “suspicious” feeling that there was something pretty biased here. I’d love to take the time to try and dig deep into where the survey group really originates, to “follow the money.” If only I had more time and resources.

    1. No, they weren’t nearly lucky enough to have gotten my credit card information. I didn’t even let “Megan” get close enough to get mine, because I was the one who “took control” of the conversation. I was the one asking the questions and making demands, right from the start right on through to the finish.

      Oddly enough, as far as I know, we haven’t gotten a call here from them since the last time that prompted me to write this article.

      People are still googling either the phone number or “Political Opinions of America” and ending up at my blog, either at this article or more often the follow-up to it. Because, like you said, people are getting calls on a daily basis from them. Too bad there’s nothing out there to really make it stop as far as anyone can see yet, including being on the “Do Not Call” registry. What a waste!

      1. If you go to the National do not call registry website you can register a complaint. Since political surveys fall into the exempt category, make sure you call the company a cruise line. I called it the “Political Opinions of America Cruise Line”. If the registry gets enough complaints, maybe they will look into this company. (Yes, I know, I am a naive dreamer–at least I didn’t sign up for a cruise.)

  3. Please go and submit a complaint at http://www.donotcall.gov and be sure to call this company a cruise line. I called them “Political Opinions of America Cruise Line”. They are trying to evade the donotcall registry by starting out the call as a politcal survey. Maybe if enough people complain, the government will go after them (until they change their name to United Charities of America and claim exoticism from the registry because they are a charity.).

  4. When I receive telemarketing calls, I don’t answer…simple as that. Then referring to my beloved Caller ID, I Google the number then look for an address to write them a firm, but professional, letter letting them know of my disgust. Wouldn’t you know after a few letters to various companies over the years, I never received a call from those companies again. I wrote a letter to a company a few months ago, and have not heard from them since….and my first letter, handwritten with rage, was about 5 years ago to a company that has never called back since. This letter writing has worked so far and it feels really good to let the frustration out on paper! If we can all do this, I’m sure eventually the telemarketing would certainly calm down.

      1. I just received a phone call from Political Opinions of America. (360)474-3921. Did a reverse look-up, this place was located in Bremerton, WA. My caller was Larry and when I told him we had been to Freeport, Bahama, he said, “You saved me a lot of work, then the phone went dead.”. After Googling Bahama Celebration Cruise, the reviews were terrible…calling it the Walmart Cruise line. The questions I was asked on the survey were very conservative leaning and even would have a lead in like “Do you want the Keystone Pipe line” and then went into a pitch about how great it would be for the country and how it would do wonders for our relations with Canada. The conservatives have found yet another subliminal way of screwing with the American public.

  5. I just received a call from them from number (253) 382-9953. This time they called themselves Political Survey of America.

  6. Just received a call from the same number as Penny. The events happened exactly as people in previous comments have stated. All was fine with me until they asked for a credit card number. RED FLAG, duh. So I let the very professional, Adam, give me his phone number to call back within 72 hours to elect for the cruise. I only found the site just after the phone call had ended. Sounds like a scam, feels like a scam, glad I didn’t go through with it. Would anyone know if direct numbers to sales people help with any legal case?

  7. I work for Caribbean Cruise Lines http://www.2012getaway.com and yes we give away a cruise and yes you have to pay the govermental port and departure tax but so what , If you win the lottery or a gift you are always responsible for taxes. It is a 2 day 2 night cruise for two to the grand bahamas Caribbean Cruise lines is a 20 yr old company and sails more passengers to the bahamas than any other cruise line out there. As far as the political survey as far as we have been told it is independent of our call center and not everyone that takes the survey receives a free cruise .
    Naturally we would not remain a multi million dollar cruise line if all passengers sailed for free.

      1. How do you know that everyone that takes the survey is being offered a cruise ? My understanding is even with phone surveys that are conducted from the people who have expressed interest in receiving a cruise only a handful are selected out of thousands that register. We sail over 500,000 passengers yearly to the Bahamas. We have clients that call back yearly to book their cruise again with us year after year. We must be doing something right . We offer several fantastic vacations at a fraction of the cost as well . Once registered for your free cruise and port and departure taxes are paid. You are able to receive additional vacation time in florida and in the bahamas with deep discounts. Noone that is selected however is denied their complimentary cruise unless they opt to turn it down. As with any sort of travel a CC is used to reserve ,book ,or purchase airfare train, boat, hotel, rental car. We take the protection of our guests with the utmost of importance and we also disclose all costs on board the ship that the traveler may encounter and are personally responsible for themselves. If we were a scam as we have been accused of being . We would not record every aspect of our calls and retain and audio receipt for the traveler for a period of 2 years by law on file. Reservation numbers are given immediately to the caller when they register. They are allowed also an 18 month period to take advantage of the cruise.

  8. However comments here have sparked my interest and I look forward to following these posts. In this day and age of technology it amazes me better research was not conducted regarding the legitimacy of the cruise or company offering the cruise.

  9. For me personally , being a consumer outside of being a seller of travel, I would be more concerned with a company that said it was FREE and I had no additional costs or responsibilities. That would be too good to be true not full disclore being recorded and email confirmation sent before you hang up from your third party verification as well. True scammers would get your card and hang up. Worked for a major credit bureau for years investigating fraud for many. This is a great offer with a great company. Just not for everyone.

  10. http://politicalopinionsofamerica.org/user_dnc.aspx i also looked these people up and went to their website. up top, far right corner is a tab called “request removal from call list”. even though i’m registered on the state AND national “do not call list”, they STILL called me. the so called “political” questions were VERY slated to the right, with NO chance to offer MY OWN opinion. all the questions were anti obama. i’d like to know WHO set this up, was it koch bros or crossroads GPS shadow group??? i also found a law firm who are going after them. here’s that info:


  11. Thanks for that info, Deb. I signed up, since this company repeatedly calls me on a prepaid cellphone, in which I have to pay for each incoming call. They’ve called me from at least five different numbers, making it IMPOSSIBLE to block them!

  12. The point of being on a Do Not Call list is to not be bothered by telemarketers. It doesn’t matter if Sara thinks she’s representing a legitimate business, the fact is I don’t want to hear from her or anyone else like her. The survey is used to lure you because under the Do Not Call Rules Political Surveys are allowed. You answer and you think it’s legit. The survey is an in for unscrupulous telemarketing. Sorry Sara, it stinks like fraud. No one who has anything to hide would ever use their own phone number so why not use a bogus political survey instead? By the way, in Canada we don’t pay taxes on any winnings, cash or otherwise so you’re going to have to try a lot harder to convince me Caribbean Cruise Lines isn’t trying to scam me. I’m cheap, not easy.

  13. NOTICE OF POTENTIAL CLASS ACTION. We are conducting an investigation into this matter for a potential class action lawsuit. If you are willing to share your story, please send us a confidential email at CCLclassaction@igc.org. Thanks for your time.

  14. The Cruise line tried a FLOOD attack on our computer network. All lines are on DNS lists. JUSt one more scam. When I am on an Island vacation, I FLY. We all know when the cruise ships arrive, the prices go up, and we get ready for THOUSANDS of UGLY American types with their loud mouths, high pockets and uncouth manners. Cruise ships? NEVER!

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