Lester Chambers is a proud man.  Lester Chambers is a decent man.  Lester Chambers is a humble man.  He’d promote his son Dylan’s music and concerts much easier than he’d promote his own, and deservedly so because Dylan is a fine musician in his own right.  Dylan will carry on the great tradition of The Chambers Brothers and their music for years to come.

Dylan and Lester Chambers perform together.

It’s a legacy, getting people to recall some fine music that they’ve loved for many, many years that they hear to this day in television shows or movies or commercials or the radio, even if they’re not familiar with the name Lester Chambers by itself, but when you say something like, “You’ve heard the song ‘Time Has Come Today,’ from the movie ‘Remember The Titans,’ where you hear a cowbell — the cowbell is from Lester — and they sing-shout, TIME!”  And the response when they realize the song and how important it was to people who grew up and matured in the late 1960s, and who it is you’re actually talking about, usually goes along the lines of, “Ooooohhhhh, yyyyeeeeaaahhh!  THAT SONG!  I LOVE that song!”

Dylan is a Chambers Brothers historian.  He’s making new music of his own, and he’s made some new music with his father, in order to make it known that Lester is still very active, and he wants to STAY ACTIVE with his music.  Music like this.

But Lester would still rather “push” his son’s music into the spotlight ahead of his own.  (See Dylan Chambers & The Midnight Transit’s Facebook page here.)

That’s why I’m here.  I’m here as a friend to Dylan, and I’m here as a friend to Lester, but I’m also here to let people know this without a shadow of a doubt:  Lester Chambers is alive, Lester Chambers is active, Lester Chambers wants to do new things, Lester Chambers wants to make a statement on the world music scene, and Lester Chambers still has “the chops” to do it.  Lester Chambers has what it takes to make a “comeback” of amazing proportions, if people would just pay attention to what he’s doing.

Oh, and people definitely paid attention to what Lester and Dylan and Dylan’s mother Lola did on the morning of March 4, when they thought of taking a photo in their California home, putting it on the Internet, and asking people to help make the photo go “viral.”

"The Lester Chambers sign that rocked the music world"

The fire that the photo above started went to pretty much every continent in the world.  It brought in close to $10,000 in donations in Lester’s name to the non-profit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in the first 24 hours after the photo went out.  It brought famous musicians and artists such as Yoko Ono and Alice Cooper and many others together from all over to make statements on Facebook or on their own web sites in Lester’s behalf.  It got a petition drive started, and the petition can be found in the link below:


It’s gotten blogs — including this one — from a whole host of web sites talking about it.  It’s gotten newspaper, magazine, television, and radio coverage.  It’s raised people’s interest and anger at the music industry from around the world.

Lester Chambers showing some love for his art during his February 25 show on Stageit.com, his first "worldwide broadcast" with his next show coming up this Saturday, March 24, at 6 p.m. PDT. (Photo Courtesy Deborah Parrish)

It’s almost overshadowed the fact that Lester will be performing live again, worldwide, on the web in less than a week.


And this is just a taste of what you could see in his upcoming show, with video from his February 25 show:

If there’s any problem that may be found with this upcoming show, it might come in the fact that there could be some “confusion” here.  The whole concept of showing a live concert on the Internet is so new, it seems that even entertainment-savvy reporters may not even understand what it is that happens with this show or any show like it on the website Stageit.com.

I can honestly say that because last Monday, I spent much of the day collecting contact information and sending out an email with a press release on the viral photo and video AND the March 24 live show to arts, music, and entertainment editors and writers from every state in the U.S.  The only response to it that I’ve received so far was a rejection from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which said they didn’t want it because it wasn’t a “local story.”

What the St. Louis Post-Dispatch seemed to fail to realize or understand is that it IS A LOCAL STORY because Lester’s show can be seen in every home that contains a fan of Lester’s, not just in St. Louis but AROUND THE WORLD, as long as people know about it and they’re willing to pay maybe $5 (less than five king-sized candy bars) or more for the experience.

This is a show that’s originating from Chick’s Place Recording & Rehearsal Studio in San Rafael, California, but — in “old-fashioned terms” that less-tech-savvy people can understand, it is BEING BROADCAST LIVE TO EVERY COMPUTER IN THE WORLD TO THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW ABOUT IT!

In another way to put it, it’s like the time back in the 1960s when The Beatles made headlines and grabbed the world’s attention by appearing with a bunch of their friends in a live satellite broadcast as they performed “All You Need Is Love.”

The only difference is that Lester’s show this coming Saturday night is coming to everyone over the worldwide web.

Lester Chambers might not be The Beatles, but Lester knew The Beatles.  And a “Beatle wife” is standing by Lester’s side to this day, offering her own love and support.

For Lester, love is all you need!  For Lester, it’s time to “show some love.”

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


7 thoughts on “Carrying on the fight, for and with Lester Chambers

  1. Lester , get a hold of me, Mark Factor that worked with Buddy Miles I would like to talk to you about things, I live in the Bay Area have known you guys from way back when we were trying to start a wireless amp competency. get back to me! Mark Factor, sixtoes12@yahoo.com

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