Rick Santorum opened his big mouth again on Monday morning, and — as usual — stupid things started spilling out that just go to show how far out of touch with the “real world” the Republican presidential hopeful and other like-minded individuals can be.

For a report on what Santorum said, click on the link below:

HUFFINGTON POST: Santorum — ‘The Issue In This Race Is Not The Economy’

Mr. Santorum, I know you’re a very busy man.  But you really need to spend some time around where “real life” takes place, and get to know some of the people who would argue not only that you’re wrong but how idiotic the things that you say really are, including in this case.

There are two people that I’d really like Mr. Santorum to meet, but I know that he wouldn’t — probably wouldn’t even if he could find the time.

One of them is named Curtis.  The other is named Jeanie, and if you need a refresher on my friend Jeanie then I urge you to click on the link below:

Spending some time with the homeless — Jeanie’s story (Part 2 of 2)

My lovely wife and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday, just the two of us.  Part of that celebration involved going to church that morning, like we usually do every Saturday.  This time, it was just the two of us — minus our offspring.  As we were driving back toward where we were staying for the weekend, I got a call on my cell phone from a number I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer it and just let my voice mail pick it up if it was urgent.

Once we were at one of our favorite Chinese buffet restaurants Saturday afternoon and I had just put in my second helping to be cooked, I pulled out my cell phone to see what time it was.  It was then that I saw that I had a voice mail.  It was from my friend Jeanie.  I hadn’t seen any sign of her all week, and I was actually worried that my story on her situation had caused her some problems.  I was anxious to return her call and see what was happening with her.

Jeanie was fine, and my fears about any role my story on her might have played in any bad thing that may have happened to her were unfounded.  She told me that she just had to get out of the motel where she’d been staying because two friends she was staying with there were becoming threatening to her, to the point of actually threatening her life.

Jeanie had to make a sudden, drastic change in the place she could stay and any location where she could seek out help, and she just wanted to let me know where she was and how to reach her.  She told me that she’d finally been able to read my story on her, and that she greatly appreciated what I was trying to do for her.  One friend of mine who lives close to Jeanie’s old location and who had possible ideas on how to help her could now reach out to Jeanie once again after she’d had to flee her old “residence” and her “friends,” and I passed along Jeanie’s contact information to my friend.

Jeanie and I were “back in business” in getting her some help.

While I was on the phone with Jeanie — standing in a back alley behind the Chinese buffet restaurant so I could be sure to hear her — I noticed an older man in a wheelchair with his right leg amputated just below the knee headed in my direction.  I knew he was coming to me for help.  I knew he could hear me talking to Jeanie and telling her how she could be helped as I motioned for him to wait until I was finished with my call.  I pulled out a $5 bill (not that I can necessarily afford these kinds of things myself since I myself am still without a “paying” job), and once I was done talking to Jeanie I offered him the cash.

Just so you’ll know, I don’t offer these things to just anyone.  But when I see someone who has a birth defect like Jeanie whose spine ends around her belly button, or when I run into a man like Curtis whose right leg has been amputated just below the knee, well … it makes me want to know a bit about them and to let them know that people care and they somehow can relate to their problems, especially during what — to me and my faith — is a Sabbath afternoon.

I stood in that back alley and talked to Curtis for maybe up to 15 minutes, while my wife waited patiently for me inside the restaurant.

Curtis has been homeless for about 20 years.  Just so you’ll know that is not a typographical error, I’ll repeat it.  Curtis has been homeless for about 20 years.

How did Curtis lose a big part of his lower right leg?  Frostbite started setting in, beginning with his toes and moving its way up his leg.  It was so bad that his leg bone was turning black instead of the usual white.  The leg had to go.

There I was, on a Sabbath afternoon, during my 22nd wedding anniversary celebration, and I’m dealing with two somewhat similar situations at the exact same time.  It was enough to tear at my heart for the remainder of the day, and my wife had to show extreme patience during that time as well.

We were, however, close enough to Jeanie’s new location that I could take my wife to meet her in person once our meal was done.  It seemed like a good way to spend a few minutes out of our Sabbath afternoon.

But, according to Rick Santorum, I can’t be a Christian because I have liberal thoughts.  Shame on me.

Mr. Santorum, I really wish that you’d read this.  And I still challenge you to spend some time amongst these people that I meet on an all-too-regular basis, damn near every time I turn around and it just seems to get worse.  Come on, cowboy — just do it!

Maybe then, Mr. Santorum, you will fully realize that IT IS THE ECONOMY … STUPID!

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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