You know it’s an election year when societal issues such as abortion and contraception creep in louder than they do in “off years,” or when the issue of separation of church and state and the original intent of the forefathers on that issue becomes more prevalent.

It is definitely a key election year.  When I see a church pastor in a video telling liberal thinkers that they can “leave” the building because they are basically not welcome there with Republican presidential candidate and Religious Right darling Rick Santorum in the congregation, being praised and prayed over for God’s blessing to be bestowed upon him as the “chosen one,” it is definitely an election year, and it’s turning into a more troubling one as time goes along and things just seem to go from crazy to crazier.

That’s why the opinion in this morning’s Chicago Tribune in the link below is so important to read:

Chicago Tribune Opinion: “When there’s no separation between church and state”


4 thoughts on “March 21 bonus post: ‘When there’s no separation between church and state’

  1. All I can say about Santorum (without getting overly profane) is that I’m glad he lost to Romney in Illinois yesterday. His momentum among conservatives has had me worried lately. Not that I like Romney, but Santorum really, reeeeally scares me. I’d hate to think where women like me (and, in about 10 years, my daughter) will be with a guy like him in charge. *shudder*

  2. Well, the thing to consider with Romney is that — as a Mormon — if he’s elected, even the Religious Right, “there should be no separation of church and state” believers would have a fit. That might be a fun thing to watch, although I’d like to see it not get to that point.

    Thanks for your comment.

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