Counting down the days once again until Lester Chambers and the Mud Stompers take to the worldwide web this Saturday night at 6 PDT for a “live broadcast” of music that so many people are sure to enjoy, performed by a group of friends who surely know how to have a good time together.

Having fun during the February 25 show on (Photo Courtesy Deborah Parrish)

And this time, instead of being “just a side show,” this one will be a FEATURED SHOW ON ONE OF STAGEIT.COM’S MAIN STAGES, because Lester’s first show on Stageit February 25 was such a hit with the fans who “tuned in” to see it.

To see the show, go to the following link:


A few pre-show notes to keep in mind to (hopefully) get you to check out the “broadcast” …

  • On, all shows are interactive.  There is a “Stageit Chat” feature on the top right part of the screen that allows fans to interact via the web, to give praise or “verbal applause” while the show is in progress, to be able to chat without offending the band members while they’re playing, unlike any show in a live venue where “audience etiquette” dictates that the audience remains as quiet as possible.  Which leads to …
  • The possibility that any fan “tuning in” to the show could put in a request for a song to be played, from anywhere in the world, and have that song be played during that show.  And you might be amazed by how many different songs this band knows.  Which leads to …
  • Baron Chase, Lester’s music director, invites any fan of Lester’s to contact him not only through “Stageit Chat” — which leaves only a temporary comment stream — but through email as well for a more permanent memory of fan comments and interaction with the musicians themselves.  To leave comments for Lester or the band, send an email through Baron at  A reminder and Baron’s email address will also be posted in “Stageit Chat” during Saturday’s show.
  • Get your tickets early, get into the show as early as possible (Lester’s group is not responsible for any problems in fans getting in through, and any issues along those lines MUST BE HANDLED THROUGH STAGEIT.COM SUPPORT, NOT THROUGH ME OR ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED WITH LESTER’S GROUP AS  STAGEIT AND THE BAND ARE TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES), and — most importantly — ENJOY THE SHOW!  A good time is guaranteed to be had by all, as long as you get into the show early and don’t wait until the last minute!

Carrying on the fight, for and with Lester Chambers

Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media


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