There were many highlights for me from the show put on Saturday night by Lester Chambers and The Mud Stompers on, really too many to mention without coming across as a total slobbering “fanboy” myself.

And if you haven’t read about the show, I’ll include a link to my review of it below:

What was missed by many in the last Lester Chambers show

I may have a role in Lester’s group of friends, and I may have a role in trying to promote what Lester and his close friends are trying to do, but I have to make a true confession:  I had no idea what songs were going to be played in Saturday’s show, except for maybe a glimpse into Lyn Carpenter-Engelkes singing Bill Withers’ “Use Me,” an old favorite of mine and one that I’d heard Lyn sing before just the way she did Saturday night.  When that song was mentioned among what might be played, I immediately piped up and said, “DO IT!”

But, other than that, I had no clue what was going to be performed.  So I was just as amazed as any other fan might have been when the group launched into a reggae version of Lester singing the Temptations’ classic “My Girl” … and made it work like a charm.

With just those two songs in mind, my playlist today will feature the timeless music of Bill Withers and The Temptations.

Bill Withers
The Temptations

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