If the number of people who tuned in to Lester Chambers and The Mud Stompers’ online concert Saturday night was lower than expected, it wasn’t for lack of trying to get the word out.  But, oh, if those people who missed it only knew exactly WHAT they missed … oh, well!

Lester Chambers sings in his Saturday night show on Stageit.com with guitarist Chick Petersen playing in the background. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

What they missed was a deep dose of blues played and sung by Lester that seemed to come straight from his gut.

They missed the band taking the 1964 Smokey-Robinson-and-Ronald-White-written, Temptations-popularized soul classic “My Girl,” giving it a reggae beat, and giving it a whole new kind of life.

The 20-some fans who tuned in got to see a relatively unknown singer named Lyn Carpenter-Engelkes take the 1972 jazzy soul Bill Withers standard “Use Me” and make it almost her very own right from her first note with her rich, soulful voice and true feeling that reminded me exactly of how that same song was done by her going back to a private party at a private home with just a bunch of friends getting together and jamming last New Year’s Eve.

Ken Roy Berry on keys and backing vocals, Marcia Miget on saxophone. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

Those who didn’t make it to the show missed out on Ken Roy Berry on keys, Chick Petersen on electric guitar, and Marcia Miget on saxophone turn in some blistering solos.

Miget in particular displayed some sparkling riffs on her horn that left viewers/listeners with their jaws dropping.

Unlike the February 25 show, there were no technical problems with sound.  This time, the sound was perfect.  This time, the video quality was stepped up quite a bit with two separate cameras making the feeling of the show more intimate, putting you right up close to the performers, switching between close-up shots and wider group shots.

Music director/bassist Baron Chase, drummer Kenny Susan, and saxophonist Marcia Miget. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

If there was any problem with Saturday night’s show, it really can’t be considered a bad problem.  In fact, it was something that truly gave the viewer a “backstage experience,” with the video and audio feed of the band coming in a few minutes earlier than the 6 p.m. PDT showtime so the viewer could see the band talking live (with a several-second delay) back and forth before they started playing, and they could see Mud Stomper friend Chuck Steed sitting slightly in front of the wider angle camera before I put in a quick phone call to let the band know they were on live and that Chuck needed to move out of the shot.

Yet even that very slight glitch was a fun time.  Other than that, there was no problem to speak of.

Music director/bassist Baron Chase and vocalist Lyn Carpenter-Engelkes. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

Why were there so few people tuning in to Saturday’s show?  I’m sure it comes down to a variety of reasons — so many choices people have for entertainment these days, still plenty of daylight left in the Western half of the United States by the time the show started and so many things to do outside the home, more of a trend today toward wanting to experience things like this more on the “viewer’s time” and being too busy to be forced into a set time, so on and so forth.

But, oh, what a show all those people out there who were invited to but did not or could not attend ended up missing!  Will those same people ever be able to experience that same show on CD or DVD?

I’ll leave the answer to that a bit of a mystery.

For the answer, I’ll put it this way:  You can “use me.”

Stay tuned.

Ken Roy Berry on keyboards, Marcia Miget on saxophone, Baron Chase on bass guitar, Lyn Carpenter-Engelkes on vocals. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)
Mud Stompers and friends after the Saturday night show on Stageit.com -- left to right, Chuck Steed, Ken Roy Berry, Lyn Carpenter-Engelkes, Baron Chase, Kenny Susan, Marcia Miget, Lester Chambers, Chick Petersen. (Photo Courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

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