An early spring trip through Little Cottonwood Canyon

A couple of Sundays ago, in one of my worst moods, I made a journey eastward up through Big Cottonwood Canyon southeast of Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Mountains to “cool off” with some high-altitude “solitude.”

A late winter trip through Big Cottonwood Canyon

Two weeks later, when I was in a more celebratory mood, I grabbed my lovely wife Amy and headed eastward again — but slightly farther south this time — for a Sunday afternoon drive through Little Cottonwood Canyon, home of the Snowbird and Alta ski resorts with the community of Alta nestled up at the top of the canyon.

The sky this time was more of an overcast, gray color.  It seemed to suit the subject matter.  If there is one thing Little Cottonwood Canyon has, it’s TONS of gray granite … everywhere.

If you want to know what the Salt Lake City LDS Church Temple is made out of, all you have to do is check out all the granite rock you see in the photos below.

What made this trip bright and cheery, however, was having my lovely Amy along.  She makes a fun passenger … when she’s not back-seat driving.

And, like the Paul Simon song says (fitting for a drive through a steep, rocky canyon), she “loves me like a rock.”

(All still photos below Copyright 2012, Daddysangbassdude Media — ANY UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION OR REPRODUCTION IS PROHIBITED)

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2 Responses to An early spring trip through Little Cottonwood Canyon

  1. sayvan says:

    Some great shots…

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