I’m still working on broadening my playlist.  I’m going from some “Friday Funk” to some laid-back, old-style jazzy Sundays.  And is there a better way to start out this new category than with an album that could fit in with most people’s day of rest?

A Love Supreme
A Love Supreme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m talking about “A Love Supreme,” with the great John Coltrane.

Need to learn more about this classic album, and why I’m leading off the old-style jazz portion with it on this particular Sunday?  It’s all about “the inspiration,” as discussed in the link below.

John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme”

Aside from the supernatural powers provided by Coltrane himself, there was magic in the playing of Jimmy Garrison on double bass, the great Elvin Jones on drums, and a giant of the day on piano in McCoy Tyner.

This went way beyond simple, old-school jazz.  This was purely all about “a love supreme.”


23 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (April 1, 2012 edition)

  1. Good morning John.Hope all is well with you and the family.I’m enjoying your Coltrane picks.

    Just wanted to post another mind blowing Trane track.This one is Lonnies Lament,live in Europe in 61 or 62.Enjoy.


      1. Sorry about screwing up my first attempt at the Lonnies Lament link.I think i did it right the second time.Thanks for posting your own link.It’s such a beautiful tune, i wanted to share it wit ya.

    1. Your clip is the complete one.My clip has the first minute cut, for some reason.Sacrilege!Glad you’re able to hear the whole thing.

  2. I applaud your mission and blog! Well done. I don’t think “A Love Supreme” counts as “laid-back,” but you obviously get that. To quote Trane himself, it is “a force for good.”

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