My favorite April Fool’s prank

I made it through Sunday unscathed in the April Fool’s prank department.  Thankfully.

April Fool's Day at the All Souls Church, Unit...

April Fool's Day at the All Souls Church, Unitarian located in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day did bring up a favorite memory of mine when it comes to April Fool’s pranks I’ve played on other people.  And I have been known to do that on occasion, whether it’s April 1st or any other day.  I’ll share my best one with y’all, played on a whole bunch of unsuspecting people.

The worldwide web is a great place to be anonymous.  That includes the ability to be anonymous on places like music discussion websites, where you can have maybe a couple thousand active members all discussing music that they like.

It was at a place like that where my plan was hatched maybe a couple of months in advance, and I actually gave the website’s creator and chief moderator advance notice that I was going to do it and what I was going to do.  I did it because this particular website is a fun place to be on April 1, all kinds of things can happen there if you’re not on your toes.

In this website, people need to create member IDs.  Mine is “daddysangbassdude.”  But I also created an ID for a female under the ID “JudyJudyJudy,” as in the well-known Cary Grant imitation for the line “Judy, Judy, Judy!”

I needed a photo.  I used one for an attractive but relatively unknown female singer, to get the guys’ hormones rising and pique their interest.

I needed a hometown.  I picked a place in New Jersey, well away from my home in Utah, found some trivia about the place on the web to throw into some conversations to be more convincing, made her an editor at some publishing house in Manhattan that she’d need to commute to.

And I went to work with it.  “JudyJudyJudy” became fairly active at the music discussion site fairly quickly.  She was funny, she was friendly, she was learning all about new music and there were plenty of guys willing to teach her all about it.

Boys will also be boys, and online scrapes often pop up — even in an online music discussion forum.  “JudyJudyJudy” would chime in and try to make peace among the combatants.

She was a hit!  The guys loved her, the ladies there either thought she was great or they were jealous of the attention she was receiving.

Hearts were broken when the truth was revealed on April 1st.  Laughs were shared, some people said “I knew it!” (yeah, right) … it was a prank that was referred to in the years to come.  It was … memorable.

The moral of the story is this:  Be careful who you develop a crush over online.  They may not be the person you think they are.

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One Response to My favorite April Fool’s prank

  1. My April Fool’s pranks tend to always get me in some kind of trouble! :-(

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