I ran across an article on Salon.com yesterday — excerpted from the book “Billionaires’ Ball: Gluttony and Hubris in an Age of Epic Inequality” by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks — that was quite a shocker.

Charles and David Koch

It’s something that all members of the middle class and below should read … you know, the huge majority of the people in this country, the ones who actually make up such a vastly large percentage of the voting public, the 99%.  People like the Koch brothers need not read it, because they’re part of the cause — they’re not part of the solution.

John McCain said it himself just recently, in one of his moments where he’s not finding himself running for President and saying what he’s told to say by his handlers … something along the lines of money mixing in with politics, and how it’s not a good mix and it’s a scandal that needs to be exposed (see related article below).

You keep fighting that fight, Mr. McCain.  Too bad most of your cohorts on the Right just don’t seem to get it.

Here’s a link to the Salon.com article below.  You can either read it and weep, or read it and start to ask yourself if it might be time to think about where this nation is headed, and how to truly start to restore it to its full glory.

Salon.com — How billionaires destroy democracy

Who’s up to a little peaceful, democracy-style “rising” against this garbage?


5 thoughts on “What? Billionaires destroying democracy?

  1. It isn’t as if the connections between wealthy people’s money and the way our government operates haven’t been exposed or documented, because they certainly have, as this article shows. It’s just that people don’t bother to pay attention. They are already so disgusted with the political system in this country, and they already consider politicians to be a bunch of crooks and liars, so I suppose they aren’t even phased by things like this. I get why people are jaded about democracy but to be completely apathetic is just inviting things to get even worse.

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