In the world of progressive rock fans, concept albums are the absolute gems to have in your collection.  Every progressive rock group has pretty much done at least one.  That’s part of where the art of the genre comes in, in the stories they tell.

The Very Best of Jethro Tull
The Very Best of Jethro Tull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week, with the release of the sequel to the concept album “Thick As A Brick,” it would be almost criminal not to pay some attention here to Jethro Tull.

Tull frontman Ian Anderson is a master showman, including during those times when he’s not playing guitar or his ever-present flute and he’s just telling tales that relate to the songs, showing his marvelous sense of humor.

My buddy Baron and I had the opportunity to see Tull in concert back in 1979 when they made a stop at Idaho State University’s Minidome, and the opening act was the band that basically launched our friendship, the supergroup UK.  We were so excited about seeing UK in concert together, I made the bold prediction in ISU’s student newspaper before the show that UK would end up “blowing away” Tull.

Man, did I ever catch heat for that from our music-loving dorm floor mates!

It did make for quite the memorable night.  Jethro Tull is a band that’s produced a lot of memories for a lot of people through a lot of years.  And with the release of “TAAB2,” it appears there’s still some life left in the old sods.

The Official Jethro Tull Website


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