For those who believe …

Would you sell your soul for a few pieces of gold and silver, even if you thought you were doing the right thing?

Good Friday
Good Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you stand in judgment as an “ordinary person” and look down upon another “ordinary person,” thinking that you have so much more to offer in this life than them, when you really have no idea what’s inside the heart of that other “ordinary person?”

Would you do all that you can to lift the burdens off of someone who is troubled in any way?  Or would you say that they’re “on their own,” that they need to figure out their problems on their own in order to “strengthen” them?

Would you lend an ear to them?  Would you stop and get to know them and show that you truly care about them?  Or would you rush past them because doing anything else would make you feel too “uncomfortable?”

If someone were hungry and had nothing to eat and no way to buy it, would your first reaction toward them be to advise them to “get a job?”

If someone were without shelter, would you do all that you can to help them find some?

When you see someone with only tattered clothing on their backs, and you had better clothing just sitting around not being used, would you offer it to them?

In your daily journey through life, do you spend more time striving to lift others up, or do you spend more time tearing others down?

We all share this same Earth, so do you consider your daily walk a union of feelings, interests, plans, and destiny?  Do you share many of the same trials, and can each of us inherit the same blessings?  Or do you even ponder those things?

Do our answers to these questions point toward a more “selfish” side, or toward a more “giving and caring” side?

If we aren’t as giving and caring as we can possibly be, what lessons have been learned through all these years?  Or have we really learned nothing at all?

Just some things to chew on as we enter this weekend.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I will have a special two-part series this Easter weekend, Saturday and Sunday, that should be of interest to those who “believe.”  Please be sure to “stay tuned.”

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