In the music world, getting people to agree on anything — at least a wide group of people — is kind of like herding cats.  They’re all over the place.

Gary Burton at Münster Jazz Festival 1987
Gary Burton at Münster Jazz Festival 1987 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you start asking the question of where jazz-rock or jazz-fusion started, you can get varying answers and none of them are exactly bad.  But, for today, I’ll just go with one of the musicians who seemed to put more of a rock beat into a jazzy style and make it work as far as public reaction goes, and that would be Gary Burton.

An Indiana native, Burton did something unique on the vibraphone around the mid-1960s, using four mallets instead of two and playing the instrument more like a piano.

What came from him were groundbreaking pieces like “The Time Machine” in 1966, or the album “Duster” in 1967 with Texas guitarist Larry Coryell, and it was music that started grabbing listeners’ attention in a bigger way than before.

No matter who started the genre, it’s all good.


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