Publicity photo of journalist Mike Wallace for...
Publicity photo of journalist Mike Wallace for the television program Mike Wallace Interviews. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was some rare breaking news on “Meet The Press” as I was watching it Sunday morning, letting everyone know that CBS News and longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace had died on Saturday at the age of 93.

For anyone who’s worked in journalism, especially during the “old school journalism” days, Wallace was a bit of a hero.  His producers did a lot of hard legwork for him, but on camera Wallace was as tough as nails and he didn’t back down from anyone, regardless of position.

It’s long been said that you didn’t want to be in any place where Mike Wallace walked in and was looking for you along with a camera crew to ask you a few questions.  And when you saw his work on “60 Minutes,” you knew why.  He could smell the bull and cut through it, and he was relentless enough to demand answers until they were either given or a door was closed in his face.

I always wanted to be that kind of journalistic bulldog.  Many of those that I see today on the national scene are cheap imitations, and you get what you pay for with their work.

Mike Wallace was one of the originals.  Anyone wanting to know how to do it the way he did just had to watch him do his stuff.

A YouTube link with memories and a salute from colleague Morley Safer appears below:

The life and career of Mike Wallace, 1918-2012

Rest in peace, Mike Wallace.


Official photo of United States Senator Chuck ...
Official photo of United States Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One person I would love to come across and ask a few Mike Wallace-style questions is Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

And Sen. Grassley thinks President Obama is “stupid?”

Sen. Chuck Grassley shows his Twitter skills

Let’s see, Sen. Grassley, how “stupid” was it for you to stand in front of your constituents a couple of years ago and say this …

And then backtrack on it when you’re questioned by the national media …

“Stupid is as stupid does, sir!” — Forrest Gump


Finally, some people may wonder why I choose to “pick on” the Koch brothers so much here lately in my blog, and the answer is very simple: they represent America at its worst and most devious.  And people may ask, “Yes, but what does that have to do with me?  I’m just a person who lives in one little corner of the world, why should I be so interested in what Charles and David Koch do on a national level?”

The problem is that the Kochs’ poison reaches potentially into every neighborhood.  Here’s some evidence from for you to use as you ask yourself what direction we’re headed in this nation, and whether this is truly the way America was meant to be.

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One thought on “Some random thoughts (April 10, 2012 edition) …

  1. Wallace was awesome – he was tough but he was an investigative reporter, and not a commentator. Today’s guys act like what they have to say about a story is more important than the story itself. Wallace knew that the story was the thing, and that getting the facts, especially when they were hard to get, was all he needed to get attention and respect. Wish this was still the way journalism worked, and the fact that it isn’t really has caused problems in this country.

    As for Grassley and the Koch Brothers…what a fine trio of slimy weasels. Blech!

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