Sometimes I just let whatever’s playing on the radio determine what’s going to be in my playlist for a particular day, and it comes with a “gut feeling.”

For today, that gut feeling came from hearing the mega-monster-smash hit tune “In The Air Tonight” on my favorite classic rock station yesterday afternoon.

Cover of "Face Value"
Cover of Face Value

I became a big fan of Phil Collins just a couple of years before he stepped away from his duties (but only temporarily) as the drummer and second-ever lead singer of Genesis after Peter Gabriel left, and Phil became a solo mega-monster-smash hit artist.  I became a fan of his mainly because of his pinpoint-precise drumming, not just with Genesis but with the fusion group Brand X and his session and production work with Gabriel and … well, the list is a long one.  There was a time after “Face Value” that Phil seemed like he was just … well, EVERYWHERE!

Phil does know how to rock in his often rhythmic singing style on vocals, that’s for sure.  But, my oh my, the man just knows how to rip it up on the drums.  That’s what gets me every single time he does it, no matter who he’s doing it with.

The album “Face Value” will, to me, always be head and shoulders above all his other solo albums.  It set the bar way high, showing Phil in all his beastiness, whether it was straight rock or tunes with more of a soulful, gutsy feel; the desperation and poverty felt (a bit too closely and personally by me) in “The Roof Is Leaking” leading into the danceable, jazzy, “earthy” blast that came from “Droned” which seemed at times like it could have been a tune played by Brand X itself; or remaking a later Genesis classic like “Behind The Lines” with the Earth, Wind & Fire horns; or putting a cool touch on Lennon and McCartney’s (mostly Lennon’s) “Tomorrow Never Knows” to close out this 1981 gem, truly doing The Beatles’ tune great justice.

Phil kicked it in a big way on “Face Value.”


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