This is the music that I fell asleep listening to last night when my head hit the pillow for the night.  Not because it’s boring, quite the contrary.  It’s brilliant.  It’s soothing.  It’s like a bedtime lullaby.

Cover of "Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition)"
Cover of Kind of Blue (Legacy Edition)

It’s Miles Davis’ 1959 classic “Kind of Blue.”  This is sweet jazz.  This is “bees-to-honey sweet.”  This is one of the great jazz albums of all time, pure and simple with very little argument expected from anyone.

The roster of musicians on the album was sterling.  Miles’ name by itself was enough.  But to add names like Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley … mind-blowing.

But that was Miles.  That was just, simply, Miles.  If you played with him, you were either a big name or you were about to become one.  Because Miles was a king — a king of jazz, and a king of music, period.  Miles was miles ahead of so many others.


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