Call them The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  Call them The Dirt Band.  It’s hard for me to call them simply a country music band.

Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy
Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard for me to call them that because I remember all too fondly when I fell in love with their cover of the Jerry Jeff Walker song “Mr. Bojangles” when it came out in 1970, which prompted me to search for their album “Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy” high and low whenever I got the chance.

Yes, that album had plenty of fine, old-style country and traditional bluegrass playing — which I loved.  But it also rocked at times, and I loved that too.

The band’s members may have changed a bit through the years, but John McEuen — in the time he was with them — helped to give them that classic, old-school sound on whatever stringed instrument he happened to be playing, and vocalists Jeff Hanna and Jimmy Ibbotson have helped to define their sound in a huge way through the years.

When a band can also claim past members by the name of Bernie Leadon and Jackson Browne, their history is rich.

I’ve seen The Dirt Band play live when they were at the top of their popularity, and it was a terrific show.  It was hearing “Mr. Bojangles” that made that night for me, though.


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