I’ve watched NBC’s “Meet The Press” as faithfully as possible on Sunday mornings for quite a while.  I admired Tim Russert‘s work as a bulldog moderator before his untimely death a few years ago.  Now, it appears, “Meet The Press” has died as well.

In memory of Tim Russert (1950-2008) moderator...
In memory of Tim Russert (1950-2008) moderator of 'Meet the Press" the longest running political show on US television (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The death of the once-proud franchise — in which Russert used to hold people’s feet to the fire no matter what political party they happened to represent — was confirmed this past Sunday, when moderator David Gregory completely failed to do his job in a one-sided segment in which Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann ended up essentially running the show herself in a discussion with Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on a controversial statement made last week by a Democratic strategist on Ann Romney having “never worked a day in her life,” a bit of a slap against stay-at-home mothers.

The segment became a forum for Bachmann’s lengthy talking points not long into it.  The discussion went totally off the tracks about three-fourths of the way through when Gillibrand wanted to respond to something Bachmann had just said, Gregory stopped her from responding and went into a different question, and Gillibrand had to work in her response in a bit of a sideways manner.

Soon after that, Gillibrand was speaking on an issue only to have Bachmann — who was in another location via a satellite feed — start speaking over her WITH HER MICROPHONE TURNED OFF.  Instead of having Gregory ask Bachmann to wait for Gillibrand to finish, the MTP producers instead TURNED UP BACHMANN’S MICROPHONE AND LET HER INTERRUPT GILLIBRAND’S POINT.

Don’t believe me?  You can watch for yourself in the link below:

MEET THE PRESS:  Kirsten Gillibrand vs. David Gregory/Michele Bachmann

That’s it, it’s confirmed:  “Meet The Press,” that longtime standard-bearer of good, informative, balanced discussion and debate on Sunday mornings is now dead.  Rest in peace, “Meet The Press.”

Can someone tell me where this “liberal lamestream media” is that we keep hearing about?

My reaction to that particular segment and how it so blatantly demonstrated the downhill slide that “Meet The Press” has taken, especially recently (almost becoming at times like the Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum Show with no opposing viewpoints, unlike the way it used to be when it was still good), was also reflected by many viewers with the same thoughts on MTP’s Facebook page, and on MTP’s “Press Pass” web page where viewers can add their comments.

See the link below to find out just how upset viewers were over Gregory’s handling of that segment:

Meet The Press’ “Press Pass”

I once had a lot of hope for David Gregory as the moderator of “Meet The Press.”  I used to see him in press conferences asking some tough questions and not backing down until they were answered.  Now, he’s leaving me very disappointed.  And I have to wonder what in the world is happening to one of NBC News’ highest profile and most respected programs for those who want informative, unbiased discussions.

Is there some power at work behind the scenes that’s destroying what was once very good and turning it into more of a platform for conservative talking points?

It’s quite odd.  It’s very sad.  It’s becoming sadly unwatchable.

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6 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, “Meet The Press”

  1. Astley Davy David Gregory A.K.A “Stretch” as G. Bush “favorite W.H. Correspondent, simply cannot measure up to the standard of “Meet The Press” Q & A’s that Tim Russert did. After watching today’s broadcast 4/15/20 and Mr. Gregory allowing “Meet the Press” get turned into the “Michele Bachmann” show w/o questioning any of her LUDICROUS comments : Women pay more for gas then Men, 97% of individuals laid off from employment were women….. and on and on was simply an embarrassment to the standard of “Meet the Press” that Tim Russet had established. At least Tim Russert would of challenged WHERE she got those outlandish statistics from, David Gregory did absolutely NOTHING. REPLACE DAVID GREGORY AS MODERATOR OF MEET THE PRESS!
    http://www.change.org/petitions/american-people-remove-david-gregory-as-meet-the-press-moderatorAmerican People: Remove David Gregory as "Meet the Press" Moderator

      1. It was very interesting. Dan Rather was probably right all along and no wonder he has tried so hard to clear his name. Didn’t it just make you sick how corrupt it all is? That lottery stuff, etc.

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