By Amy Kathleen Miller

I had just written something out on Facebook when a good friend of mine gave me the idea of writing it out in a blog article.  Hmmmm, I thought, that might be a good idea.  What I wrote about is my desire to find a horseback riding club to go riding with on a monthly basis.  But that’s not all.  I would love the club to have enough gentle horses that even my daughter Alicia and husband John could ride.

I happen to have two horses and both of them are for more advanced riders when it comes to riding out in the mountains with them.  My fine horse Cheyenne will be the more mellow horse eventually, but she is not ready for a beginning rider in the mountains.

Alicia and Snickers

I rode in the mountains two years ago for the first time, with a friend riding Alicia’s pony Snickers and I rode our Arabian mare Gypsy.  It was quite the adventure because I was not used to riding on Dimple Dell trails.  So we started out and followed the trail and followed places that we thought were trails.

I remember one trail that we traveled in particular.  We ended up going through some bushes and finding that the “so-called trail” ended, leaving me on a very steep hill either way, up or down.  A very scary moment even for an experienced rider like me.  This was one time that I thought, ” Okay, Gypsy, you are going to have to use your horse wits and get us out of this mess, I will trust where you take me.”  Sure enough, she went straight up and found a real trail.

There are times we have to trust our horse’s instincts more than our own.  This was one of them.

After that, the ride went well other than the occasional times that Snickers decided to plant his feet and not move any further.  So we finally decided, after doing different things, on having Gypsy just leave him and just go farther down the trail.  It worked, Snickers was soon running trying to catch Gypsy.  Horses hate to be alone and love to be with companions.  But other than that the ride went well.

There was another time that same summer that I rode with other friends on the same trail, except we started out at a more popular entry.  It was more fun because more people rode and they were familiar with the trails.  Gypsy did well, but she gets so hyper that she holds her head very high and makes it uncomfortable for her passenger, me.  The ride was fun and I would love to do it again sometime.

The only thing about this last ride that made me nervous was that some of the riders wanted to run their horses up a hill.  I really didn’t want to participate in that but I don’t think I really had much of a choice at the time.  We did it twice, and Gypsy and I would run to a top of a hill at full speed.  I felt as if I was practically on her neck at the time.  Plus she is a fast horse.  I just don’t like taking a chance on getting hurt from a horse tripping and falling.

The other thing that we did that was fun that year with Gypsy was having her in Pony Club with Alicia.  We thought Snickers would be a great pony for her in Pony Club, but all Snickers ended up being was a typical pony and that was spooky and ornery.  Alicia had a hard time controlling him and had no fun.  Then we discovered that Gypsy was a good horse for Alicia to start out on.  She had fun with Gypsy in Pony Club.   Snickers?  Well, we eventually sold him to another girl who was learning to be a dressage rider and needed a pony.  She was just as ornery as Snickers, so that was why they were a good match.  She has already won awards with him.

Pony Club was a lot of fun for Alicia in many ways.  They had a Halloween party with the horses, and Alicia and Gypsy were dressed up as a bat girl and Gypsy was her bat.  They looked so cute together.  We also went swimming with the horses in Utah Lake, a totally new thing for me as well.  Alicia’s riding instructor didn’t have a horse so she asked if she could use Gypsy, since Gypsy was too hot for Alicia at that time.  So Katie, the riding instructor, rode out with Gypsy to see if she wanted to swim or not.

As soon as Gypsy could not touch the ground with her front hooves, she panicked and reared and lost Katie, turned around, and tried to hurry out of the water.  I was told that either the horse likes to swim or they don’t.  It was clear Gypsy did not.  I rode her after that into the water and she would only go as far as the water on her belly.  That was good enough for me.

It would be neat if we could actually show Gypsy this year in a horse show, finances permitting.  I have big plans for that horse.

Alicia and friends go for a swim in Utah Lake. (Photo By John G. Miller)

Editor’s Note:  “Amy’s Angle” is a weekly Wednesday feature in this blog.

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    1. I am glad that you enjoyed my blogs, so far. I enjoy writing them. There is plenty more adventures to come your way. Thanks!!!

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