Ted Nugent plays a mean rock guitar, no doubt about that.  He’s done that for a lot of years, probably made tons of money off of it in the process.

Out of Control (Ted Nugent album)
Out of Control (Ted Nugent album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted also has a mouth that flaps constantly.  Maybe that’s part of why they call him the “Motor City Madman.”  He knows all about the American way of freedom of speech, and he uses and abuses it on a steady basis, regardless of facts.  And now, he’s tied at the hip in the news along with Mitt Romney and the furor surrounding Ann Romney.

It’s quite a pairing:  “Motor City Madman” hooked up with the son of a former Michigan governor.  Who’d’ve thunk that?

First, let’s focus on Ted.  Yes, Ted, you are free to say whatever you want in this nation of ours.  The question to you, Ted, is whether the things that you say really need to be so stupid?

Ted Nugent and the fun things he says to get the attention of the Secret Service

Oh, and this wasn’t the first time Ted’s said anything idiotic in connection with Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton for that matter.  There was this gem of stupidity a few years ago as well.

Ted has an interesting fixation with sticking gun barrels down the mouths of people.

To tie things together news-wise so nicely and neatly, it’s good to know that Ted is endorsing Republican Mitt Romney for President.  Things must be going pretty well for Ted, or is that just his fear of losing his guns talking?

I might as well make an announcement of my own right here and right now, but it won’t be much of a surprise to my faithful readers:  I will not be endorsing Mitt Romney for President this year, or any year for that matter.  Sorry, Ted!

Governor Mitt Romney of MA
Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My bottom line on Mitt is this:  I was cut from my last job at a company owned by a private equity firm, where that’s pretty much all they do — buy up companies in twisted deals, squeeze all the profit out of them that they can (nothing wrong with making a profit, mind you, it’s just how that profit is made that I do mind), and get ready to sell them at an even higher profit by cutting jobs.

And that, my friends, is a large part of how Mitt Romney made his riches (aside from being born into it), by being the guy whose job it was to cut jobs for a private equity firm.

At a time when this country needs to create as many jobs as it can, we’re talking about hiring someone as President whose job it was to cut jobs?  Can someone explain that to me, please?

I’ll give the Mittster his due.  I do know that when he took over the Salt Lake City Olympic mess in the early 2000’s, he took it from a heaping pile of rubbish and managed to polish it up quite nicely.  That’s good.  But there’s still this thing about him being a corporate hatchet man that just gnaws at me.

Sorry, Ted!  You play a mean guitar, but I’m not quite sure if someone might have bonked you in the head with the butt of a rifle at some point in your colorful history, pal!

It is, however, comforting to know that perhaps something good and worthwhile can come out of Ann Romney being verbally “attacked” for being a stay-at-home mom last week by Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen.

House bill takes on Ann Romney controversy

Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in De...
Photo of Ann Romney at the Reagan Dinner in Des Moines on October 27, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was Hillary Rosen’s comment last week about Ann Romney, as a stay-at-home mom, having “never worked a day in her life” a smart thing to say?  Absolutely not.  Stay-at-home moms need all the respect and admiration they can get.

However, I do think I know what Hillary Rosen was trying to say and totally stumbled over herself in saying it, and her point was this:  When it comes to mothers needing to deal with the economy today on a day-to-day basis, I think Mitt Romney has enough private equity firm money stashed away that poor Ann won’t have to worry too much about making mortgage payments or the price of cheese or produce if she ever has to go out and buy groceries herself, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have to fret too terribly much over the cost of a gallon of gas these days.

Ann Romney is set for life.  THAT was the point that Hillary Rosen was trying to make last week and did a very poor job of doing it.  It was the “opening mouth and saying stupid things” part that got her in trouble.

Ted Nugent knows all about what it’s like to open his mouth and say stupid things.  But, hey, no one’s gonna put a stranglehold on him, baby … will they?

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2 thoughts on “Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney: A match made in heaven?

  1. You already know how I feel about Nugent…
    As for the Hillary Rosen thing, you are absolutely right. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew that what she meant was different from the dumb way she said it. If she could have changed it from “She’s never worked a day in her life”, to “She’s never HAD TO work a day in her life”, then we wouldn’t have had all these debates over the past week.

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