Pat Toomey, I’d like you to meet Pat Toomay.

Official portrait of United States Senator Pat...
Official portrait of United States Senator Pat Toomey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those needing more of an introduction to both gentlemen, Pat Toomey is a Republican U.S. senator from Pennsylvania who was quoted in The Huffington Post Thursday as saying that people “who really need help” in America make up “a small segment of our society.”  He made the comment while presenting a GOP Senate budget plan on Wednesday that calls for a $440 billion cut in aid to the poor, similar to a budget plan unveiled in the House last week by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan which resulted in Catholic bishops saying the plan doesn’t meet a “moral criteria.”

Funny thing is, Pat Toomey is Catholic, and the bishops’ stance on the budget cuts was news to him.  And here I thought it was the conservative side that was supposed to care so much about what their churches think.

I just continue to be amazed by where and how people like Sen. Toomey get their facts, or is it another case of judging the well-being of the nation’s poor by the Stuart Varney/Fox News litmus test of “99% of the ‘poor’ own a refrigerator?”

How much more detached can people like Sen. Toomey get from reality?  Is there a lick of sense in this man’s head?

Pat Toomay in action. (Source:

That’s where Pat Toomay comes in.  The man played professional football for 10 years as a defensive end, starting with the Dallas Cowboys.  He also played for the Buffalo Bills, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Oakland Raiders.  He’s also an author, who wrote a book called “On Any Given Sunday.”

As a defensive end, he’d be a good remedy for Pat Toomey’s lack-of-sense problem.

Just have these guys meet on a football field.  Give Pat Toomey a ball, have him stand in an imaginary “pocket,” let Pat Toomay rush him from his blind side — problem solved for Pat Toomey by Pat Toomay.

Is that about what it takes?  Or does it just take having some people wake up on their own, stop screwing around with people’s lives when those people genuinely need help just to survive when they’re trying their hardest on their own to make it themselves, and do something serious about solving our problems?

What are we truly made of in these United States of America?  A nation of individuals, just letting each other “sink or swim,” regardless of the cost to our grander moral fiber … or do we work together as one big team, and defy the odds?

Isn’t it about time to play “the game” … in real life?

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9 thoughts on “Knocking some sense into a senator

  1. I truly don’t understand what’s happening to so many people in this country. Okay, so you support capitalism and a robust free market and all that stuff. Great. No problem. But why does that have to equate to ignorance and callousness about those who need some help? The “every man for himself” attitude that seems to be in vogue among the GOP leadership is really very scary and sad to me.

  2. John, interestingly we probably both hail from the same Twomey/Toomay/Tuama Gaelic sept centered in west Cork, Eire. “West Cork Muck-Savages,” as Michael Collins affectionately referred to us. Carrigtwohill, near Midelton, is home of the Fenian Land Reform movement, in addition to being a big recruiting ground for the turn-of-the-century IRA. Thankfully, a few of us still hold the spirit.

    All best,

    Pat Toomay

    1. It’s not just Catholicism, though. There’s a broad spectrum of “religious fervor” represented in this brand of twisted thinking. Maybe they’re just representing those who really only attend church twice a year — Christmas and Easter. Thanks for the comment.

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