Is it too late to make Jon Huntsman Jr., the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States?  It is?  Oh, well, that’s this nation’s loss.

Jon Huntsman at a political conference in Orla...
Jon Huntsman at a political conference in Orlando, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wait, I’ll try this one more time — Mitt Romney’s a Mormon, and so is Jon Huntsman Jr.  Can we just switch candidates based on their similar religion?  Still no?  Too bad.

But wait a minute … Jon made a comment about the Republican Party on Sunday that made headlines after it appeared on the website, saying things that need to be said, and now he’s kind of walking back from it once he’s appeared on a national television show (see related article, Jon Huntsman Blasts Media For Coverage Of His Comparison Of GOP To China) on Monday morning without really explaining how his words comparing the GOP and its tactics and methods to Communist China were taken “out of context,” so — I guess I’ll stay a “flamin’ librul.”

It is pretty interesting how, when a conservative politician says something that appears to be factual yet it’s very controversial within their own party at least, they seem to have such a hard time sticking by what they just said.

And Jon Huntsman Jr., just said what needed to be said.  Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch might say the same thing himself, but he’s already now facing a primary challenge and just might lose it in his own state because the 30-some-year veteran stalwart of conservative politics is no longer considered “conservative enough.”

Helllllooooo, Tea Party!  If that doesn’t convince anyone that Jon Huntsman Jr., knew what he was talking about (“NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH!!!  BOOT ‘IM OUT!!!), then all hope for the Republican Party is lost.

It’s too bad Huntsman can’t stick more by what he says.  Other than the fact that there are still a couple of key issues I don’t agree with him on, I could still actually see myself voting for the guy.  After all, I voted for him when he was governor of Utah.

He’s still a very likable guy, very smart (and Lord knows the GOP could use a bit more people like that running for office!), uses at least some semblance of common sense, he’s still a big fan of progressive rock (the band Dream Theater in particular) … yeah, I could still see myself voting for the guy if there were no better candidate on any side.

But the fact remains that these days it doesn’t seem to matter much which political party is controlling the strings in the puppet show that takes place in Washington, D.C.  There’s still much that needs to get done that doesn’t.

Washington, D.C., still remains a theater where big hopes and dreams go to die.


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