I was first introduced to Allan Holdsworth‘s guitar playing in 1978, when I was first introduced to the progressive supergroup U.K.  I fell in love with it the first moment that I heard it and really sat back and listened to what Holdsworth was doing.

The Best of Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock
The Best of Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was fluid, it was precise, it was like listening to a fine piano player work their magic except it was being done on a guitar.  I was once trying to describe it to a good friend of mine, and the word legato came to mind — so many individual notes — up and down and all around — just crammed together and played by Holdsworth so smoothly, it defies copying by many other players.

I was reading through an issue of Musician magazine years ago which had a profile on rock guitar beast Eddie Van Halen.  He was asked who his favorite guitar player was.  He mentioned Holdsworth.  Holdsworth has also drawn high praise from fellow guitar giants such as Frank Zappa, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani, among others.

Holdsworth can play rock guitar very well.  To me, it’s his playing in the jazz-fusion vein that really stands out.  In that genre, he’s played with some greats like Jean-Luc Ponty who know how to find top-quality guitarists.

In his solo years, however, Holdsworth has created some memorable music of his own.  Much of it can still make a person sit up and take notice.


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