The “career opportunity” I’ve been pinning my larger hopes on for a while now is taking longer to materialize than anticipated.  In the meantime, bills and mortgage payments wait for no man or woman regardless of job situations.

Friday Night Flip Off #12 - Job Hunting
Friday Night Flip Off #12 - Job Hunting (Photo credit: macbros)

My plan has run into a bit of a detour.  It’s not lost, it’s still out there, just … delayed a bit.

What does that mean?  It means that I’m hitting my job search like a crazy man again until the bigger “career opportunity” does take shape in a more solid way, and even then it’ll probably be more of a sidelight until real growth begins to happen.

It means that I’m looking at ALL of my talents and skills — writing, editing, photography, promotional experience, social media knowledge, technical skills, computer programming experience, management experience, everything — and selling myself much the same way a car salesman would pump up a used machine that’s still got some polish on it.  I’ve even gotten into a second blog site out there that actually pays money through advertising, though my blogging “heart and soul” remains here where no one has any chance to put any demands on what I do or don’t write.  You’re getting the best of what I’ve got right here.

It means I’m scanning through the employment service’s website, looking through newspapers’ websites for any job openings I might fit into well at all and filling out online applications and emailing resumes, utilizing new friends made over the past few months on Facebook to see if they might have any contacts who could provide a lead, taking friends up on any offers here at home to see if they can run into a lead.  It means that I’m closing in on getting funding for a re-training program that seems to be perhaps my best shot at this point, getting certified in the sleeker and sexier modern computer languages.

Job interviews have come up in the past few months, I haven’t turned down any interviews.  And nothing has come from them, even though I’ve felt that I’ve done well.

It means that I’m seeing friends in similar circumstances experience the same frustration, the same questioning of self-worth, the same occasional battles with doubt.

I saw all of those things Tuesday before I left home for a two-hour appointment at an employment service office in the afternoon to work on getting my training program funded.  Just before driving away, I dug through some old cassette tapes of mine to listen to on the way, and I found the perfect one with the ideal opening song that any friends of mine going through the same search and emotions could use to pick themselves up.

No matter what happens, no matter what obstacles and disappointments you may run into, you’ve got to get up and take control of your life.

If you don’t believe in yourself and take control of your own future, no one will.

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