I’m running a bit behind on getting my music playlist out there today, and maybe it’s a good thing that I am.  I just saw that it’s country music legend Willie Nelson’s birthday today.  Now I know for sure who to feature today, the “Red Headed Stranger.”

Willie Nelson and his guitar "Trigger"
Willie Nelson and his guitar "Trigger" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is dangerous ground that I’m treading, though.  I could put in dozens of songs that Willie’s ever written or covered that were either made famous by him or by others covering his songs.  Even with that high number, there might be a bigger number that people could say, “Hey!  Why didn’t you put in a video for [enter song title here]?”

This is a toughie.

Like his old friend and fellow outlaw Waylon Jennings, I’ve been listening to records recorded by Willie dating back to the days when he had short, slicked-back hair, dressed in a suit and tie onstage, and he looked very … businesslike.

I actually prefer his style better now.  He’s just more laid back, easy-going … himself.

I’m sure that, wherever he is today, he’s celebrating in his own style.  Because, like the song reminds us, it is “his life.”

Happy 79th birthday, Willie!


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