For some reason that doesn’t really matter anyway, I’m in a Jackson Browne mood today.  So don’t ask me why, it’s just … one of those moods.

Jackson Browne, Drammenshallen, Norway
Jackson Browne, Drammenshallen, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And why not?  There’s certainly nothing wrong with a Jackson Browne tune.  They’re not overly complex, but they’re surely not simple tunes either.  They’re pretty laid back for the most part, but when they rock … they rock.

They speak to the common man (he did record an album called “For Everyman” in 1973), and the common musician and their musical crew (as in the tune “The Load-Out” from the best-selling “Running On Empty” album that I played to death in my car when I had it on 8-track tape during my first year of college).

He spent a brief period of time back in the 1960s with a favorite country-rock band of mine, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  And he’s been filling up the charts one way or another in the years since — either by having other people record songs he’s written or by turning his own songs into hits himself.

The man is one finely tuned songwriting machine.  His songs speak for themselves.


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