I was working part of the day on Friday and will continue today at taking a first pass at the jungle that has formed in our yard, particularly in our back yard.

Lost in the grass A lone bench under a tree in...
Lost in the grass A lone bench under a tree in Docklow churchyard looks lost in the overgrown grass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reasons for not cutting our grass until now are basically five-fold:  our electric lawnmower croaked last year toward the end of the growing season, before losing my job; not having a job has put a serious crimp on our ability to buy a new lawnmower; we’ve had to borrow a mower from a friend and work around her own need to use it; when I’ve had the opportunity to haul the mower to our place, it’s been raining; too many other things going on to get in the way of getting the job done.

But I was finally able to get going and get some of it done on Friday.  Our neighbors can now rest assured that they don’t have to report us for neglecting that nasty mess of grass along our front parking strip.

If they thought that was bad, they should have seen the back.

Here are just a few of the discoveries that I made on Friday as I took a first (slow) pass at cutting through the jungle that was forming in our back yard …

  • A group of Vietnam War vets were using our back yard for a reunion.  They said it reminded them of the mess they had to fight in back in the old days.
  • Someone was apparently putting in a nine-hole golf course back there before it started getting overrun, only they were making the holes a bit too big.
  • Some miniature ponies were having a grand old time, getting fat and sassy on all that lush green stuff.  I had to chase them away.
  • I ran into the bunch from “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.”  They said they were glad to see me … finally … because our back yard was proving to be a particularly insurmountable challlenge.
  • Giraffes must not be all THAT tall.  I ran into a couple of them that I’d somehow missed before.  I shipped them off to the zoo.
  • My daughter’s gonna be mad at me now.  I discovered that she’d put up a hammock in the thick stuff because it provided some nice shade.
  • Oh, yeah, she constructed a clubhouse back there too, made out of cardboard.  That had somehow escaped notice as well.  She was thinking of adding a family room to it, and it already had enough room to put in a ping pong table to entertain friends.
  • A cat that we’d lost last year … well, it’s found now.

And that was all just the first pass through half of the back yard!  Hard telling what’s out there in the other half that hasn’t been touched yet.

Wish me luck!  Please!  My youngest son … well, he gets the second pass.

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