I did some back-to-school shopping on Sunday.  Oh, it wasn’t much.  I just got myself a three-subject notebook to cover the three subjects I’ll be getting into over the next few weeks as I return to a classroom for the first time in nearly 17 years, starting early this morning.

I guess going back to school every 16 years or so isn’t a bad thing.  If you want to stay in the game as a computer programmer, it might not be a bad idea to go back much more often than that.  That’s how fast the game can change.

Visual Studio 2005 in Class Designer view
Visual Studio 2005 in Class Designer view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also made a trip to the nearest book store to take a gander at what they had as far as programming in Visual Studio and/or C# and/or Microsoft .Net or anything else cool along those lines, just to see what I’m in for in the coming days.

It all means another big round of change for us here at home, another adjustment to make.  But it’ll be worth it if I can get back into the workforce somewhere.  My lovely wife will be in mourning for a while.  She’s actually liked having me at home for the past six months — why, I’m not so sure, but she has.

I’m not sure at this point exactly what my days will be like as I enter this “new phase,” but I am determined on a daily basis to continue on with this blog that I started last November 10 and have posted at least one new article to every day since then.

Will I be able to post those long, analytical articles like I have in the past?  I’m not sure yet.  If not, I’ll have to make them short, sweet, or at least more straight to the point.  I will definitely continue to post my daily music playlists.  Those don’t take a tremendous amount of time or energy, and they’ve become too much a part of this blog in terms of giving just one more glimpse into how this weird mind of mine operates, musically speaking.

And then there’s the “Amy’s Angle” thing that I started having my lovely wife do every Wednesday.  That’ll continue as long as she can keep coming up with topics to write about.  Here’s the amazing part about that: the article she wrote last Wednesday — about her doing so much practicing on her violin that it got her moved up to the first violin section with the West Valley Symphony — shot up to become my third-most-viewed blog article OF ALL TIME in just four short days, with at least 550 views all around the world.  I think I have a “hit” on my hands with Amy, and that’s okay by me.

In the meantime, I’m goin’ back to school for a bit.  We need the earning power.  I’ll stay in touch as long as you stay tuned.

Maybe I’ll see ya around during recess!!!

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