I talked a bit in the last few days about how thrilled I was to see one of my favorite contemporary Christian bands, Third Day, in concert last week.  I talked about how Third Day founder and lead singer Mac Powell‘s voice reminded me of country star Travis Tritt.

Travis Tritt
Travis Tritt (Photo credit: MrNews1320)

Well, today in my playlist I’m giving y’all a chance to judge for yourself by offering up a generous helping of Travis Tritt.

Travis does country in a style that I love.  It kicks some tail.  His voice has just that right amount of growl to it, he sings with quite a punch, kind of like a more countrified Lynyrd Skynyrd flavor.  His music just plain gets down and boogies.

One of the greatest benefits I ever got out of being a newspaper journalist, particularly in my last newspaper job, came in the amount of live concerts I got to see — at absolutely no cost to me, all I needed was a press pass.  Flash that badge, and I was in, right up in front of the stage, usually with a camera in hand.

It helped that my last newspaper job was in a town named Blackfoot, home of the Eastern Idaho State Fair, where big-name stars would come every year.

I saw a whole bunch of concerts in those years, close to at least three every year for about eight years.  One of my favorite shows in all that time — one of the best shows I’ve EVER seen at any time, regardless of venue or music genre — came one year when I got to see Travis Tritt and The Charlie Daniels Band on the same night.  They even played a song or two together that night.

That was one of the “rockingest” live music shows you’d ever want to see.  And it was coming from a couple of ol’ country boys.

Another story:  one year, while living in our home here in Utah years ago, a next-door neighbor decided to let the whole neighborhood hear his music selection for a while.  I decided to “fight back” with a stereo war (no, I don’t do it very often), aiming my old stereo speakers directly out a back window toward the neighbor’s house.  The music that I played was Travis Tritt, playing “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.”  The stereo war ended soon after that.

Yep, Travis Tritt does know how to rock.


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