Some observations from going through the second day of web-based programming instruction …

I managed to catch up quite a bit on my second lab assignment in the morning as some lecturing was going on, but still managed to keep up with the concept of what was being discussed as far as new topics.

As lunch time approached (at 10:30 a.m., since we’re based on Eastern time), after having gone through the lab assignment instructions step by step, I found that my screen was a bit messed up.  The easy way of coding that I had been enjoying wasn’t quite as smooth as I was thinking.  I still had to go line by line through a “cheat sheet” to see where the problems were, fixed them, and got my second lab done.

computer lab
computer lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then it was on to the third lab module.  And I continued to run into frustrations over the step-by-step instructions not being quite so clear for an “introductory” course.  I’ve done some technical writing before, and I know I could do a better job than what was given here to work with … truth be told.

I was just over halfway through my third lab assignment before I had to leave.  Yep, this is a whole new world for an old mainframe guy, no doubt about it.

There’s a huge adjustment to be made over “home time.”  We’re going through a huge adjustment there, from being home most of the time to not being home much at all.  It’s tough.

Off to a meeting Tuesday night, hopefully won’t be out too late.  There’s a music playlist to put together before bedtime.

No rest for the confused!


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