If one absolutely must lump music groups or musicians into a particular category, it gets pretty tough at times.

Supertramp in 1971
Supertramp in 1971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take Supertramp, for instance.  It’s a group that could easily be put into a “classic rock” category because of all the radio hits and platinum-selling albums like “Breakfast In America.”

When you take a look at how Supertramp got its start, however, it’s just as easy to stick them in the progressive rock category.  Their songs have always had unique touches to them, pushing them into that “artsy” world.  But when the masses catch on to those unique hooks and you spend long periods of time riding the top of the charts, you’ve gone a bit beyond being one of those obscure “progressive rock bands.”

Supertramp did that in a big way, a long time ago.  They have their “epic” songs, and they have their “radio-friendly” tunes.

These guys have always known how to mix it up.  Now, if only the main songwriters — Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies — didn’t get their “wires crossed” after all those hits (just try finding some older Supertramp videos) …


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