Thursday morning was fairly laid back.  I was basically “multi-tasking,” between listening to the online morning lecture with demos going on by the instructor and reading through my new programming “bible,” Visual Studio 2010 All-In-One For Dummies from the beginning.

The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET logo.
The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again, I’m heading toward the final day of what is supposed to be an introductory course for Visual Studio and the concepts of web development, but this seems like it’s more mixed between being geared toward students who seem to have at least a taste of experience in this kind of programming and those who have more experience than that and might just be needing some fine-tuning on a few points.

It’s not geared toward those like me who’ve had nothing but mainframe-type programming experience, with only a few months of Visual Basic experience thrown into the mix many years ago.

That’s why I made the investment in my Visual Studio “bible.”  It helps to take the “Greek” that’s being spoken during the class and have it start making more sense.

Just what I need!

As usual, the afternoon was set aside for lab assignments.  There were four of them available to do, but I hadn’t even been able to get through two complete ones so far — more like 1 1/2 until Thursday.  And this time, two of the assignments were “required.”

I just kept my cool, stayed relaxed, read through the instructions carefully … and finished both of the “requireds.”

Thursday turned out to be a pretty darn good day.  I needed that.


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