My weekly “Friday funk” feature isn’t just about funk and soul music.  Sometimes it’ll be including a healthy taste of the blues as well.

Logo Delta Blues Museum
Logo Delta Blues Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all, how many among us have found ourselves in a bit of a “Friday funk” after struggling our way through the week, weighed down by the burdens of the past several days, and just need to let it all pour out of our systems by hearing some good ol’ blues just so we can make it through the weekend?

There’ve been a few times when I’ve featured some straight blues or rhythm-and-blues here before on a Friday, and to me it felt gooooooooood!  Like the time I played a few Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes in here on a Friday, the house was a-rockin’ and you didn’t need to bother knockin’.

This time, I’m going to take us out of a long, trying week by going to one of the “deeper sources” for the blues.

Who’s in the mood for some Delta blues?

Just get into that feeling.  Just get into that mood.  Feel free to stomp those mud-covered feet, and let it aaallllllllllll hang out!

All aboard for that ride down to Mississippi!


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