I did a Mother’s Day music playlist yesterday for my lovely wife, filled with some jazzier selections from her favorite singer, Natalie Cole.  Today, I’ll do a “day-after Mother’s Day” playlist for my country music loving Mom.

Jim Reeves
Jim Reeves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I’ll stay more on the “jazzier” side with a country flair, going with someone she’d always used to play and sing along to, the gentleman Jim Reeves.

Before his untimely death in 1964 in a plane crash, Jim Reeves just didn’t fully come across as someone you might think of as a country music singer.  He seemed more like someone with a different style — contemporary, cosmopolitan, more at home performing in a big-city nightclub than some honky-tonk.

But his style reached out to a lot of people.  It still got to the matter of personal yearning, heartache, just like many country music songs.  He may have worn bow ties quite often while performing, But Jim Reeves was solid country.

And then it was suddenly taken away.

It was the music world’s loss.


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