Now it’s on to a week of the class “Developing Windows Applications With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.”

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In the first morning of the class on Monday, another large group — mostly from the Central and Eastern time zones (which means a 10 a.m. lunch time, so my eating habits are going to be a bit messed up after these classes) — introduced themselves individually.  Again, all but a very few have already had some prior experience with these kinds of development tools, the class assumes that you’ve had at least some .NET training or experience, so … I’ll have my work cut out for me AGAIN, perhaps.  I’m so glad I picked up that “Dummies bible” last week, plus the instructor for the week mentioned a couple more books that could be helpful — although the main one he mentioned hasn’t exactly gotten glowing reviews on (written too much with extreme techies in mind and not geared enough toward the person just beginning to learn the language, seeming to be the biggest complaint).

Three of the participants work for ESPN.  I jokingly put in a plug for any writing-type job opportunities for myself there.  It’s a habit now — looking for jobs wherever and whenever.  I just keep praying that this course work helps me to land something when it’s all said and done.

The IT world changes so fast.  I feel like a dinosaur with all this mainframe experience among all these developers who’ve already used the newer tools.

It’s a good thing I took that introductory course in Visual Studio last week, though.  The first lab before lunch gave instructions that would have been totally foreign to me if I hadn’t, and I’m wondering if the one guy in this class who’s an AS/400 administrator and has only worked with RPG (not meaning rocket-propelled grenade in this case) with a bit of DB2 and is kind of in the same boat as me with no VS experience was even able to follow the instructions.  I still think whoever does the Microsoft training manuals needs to consider poor saps like us out here who don’t speak every bit of “techie lingo” known to mankind if we’ve never been exposed to it.

After going through the second lab of the day … DID I MENTION YET THAT MOST TECHIES SEEM TO MAKE LOUSY DOCUMENTATION PEOPLE?  Frustrating as all get-out.  I wonder: how much does Microsoft pay its people to write up instructions?  But I completed the lab anyway, stumblin’ and bumblin’ along the way.

After lunch, I just dove right in to the third lab assignment of the day and seemed to get more out of doing the hands-on steps than I did the lecture.  I managed to get pretty far through it before it was time to quit for the day, and it’s probably a good thing I did.  There’s a lot of work in this one, the instructor is only giving an hour to do it, and for everyone else that hour will start ticking away first thing Tuesday morning.  I still have steps to finish myself.

Maybe for once I’m ahead of the pack in the labs.  I’ll see if I can keep that up.


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