en.wikipedia error message
en.wikipedia error message (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday morning in Visual Studio programming class provided a good example of how hair-pullingly frustrating this experience can be at times.

I sat down to work on my next lab assignment, went through the Microsoft step-by-step instructions carefully in VS, pulled up the first screen I was supposed to be sitting at … and without even putting in a letter of code myself, Microsoft’s pre-loaded lab solution gave me an error message.

Problem Loading: The document contains errors that must be fixed before the designer can be loaded.  Reload the designer after you have fixed the errors.

I cancelled the lab session, just in case I accidentally hit something I shouldn’t have that might have caused the errors, and got back in, being ever so careful to follow the instructions and not press or click or drag anything that shouldn’t be pressed or clicked or dragged.  As soon as my first window for the first exercise came up …

Problem Loading: The document contains errors that must be fixed before the designer can be loaded.  Reload the designer after you have fixed the errors.

So it was going to be one of those days.

The funny part was that the error list in the VS workspace was showing five errors, all having to do with an “undefined CLR namespace.”  Well, that wasn’t part of the instructions for me to define anything.  I’m thinking someone messed up in setting up the lab exercise.

Error (Photo credit: pastorbuhro)

Computer errors aren’t as easy to fix as errors in baseball.  If a guy out in the field makes a bonehead play in baseball, the coach might just walk out and tell the player to shake it off, pull his head out, keep his eye on the ball, something like that.

With computer errors … well, you’re dealing with a stupid machine.  They’re not smart until a person makes them smart by telling them what to do.  The problem is, people aren’t perfect either.  They’re going to make … errors.

But, life in class went on.  Just need to make the best of it.

It’s like I’m living in two completely separate worlds right now.  There’s the “old world,” lived by the programmer side of me — thinking of screen layouts and user input fields and how to do data queries — and there’s the “dream world” that’s still out there, somewhere, just kind of taunting me.  It’s the side that wants to merge my love for creative writing and this DJ’s voice of mine and this love for music and some of the musical connections I’ve been making since the start of this year — all the things that seem to have come so naturally — and hack out a living that provides all that’s needed for my family and to help out others that way.

That “dream world” keeps popping up in my head at times, poking at me, like when I got a text message during class time on my cell phone from Facebook Wednesday morning to let me know that Mick Fleetwood had just accepted a friend request from li’l ol’ me.

Yeah, that “dream world” is still out there.  For the time being, I need to face the reality of figuring out how to crank out code and handle bits and bytes in a different way.  And that “dream world” still keeps calling me …


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